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Sanyo DVD Recorder/VHS hookup?

Hello everyone!

I have recently bought a Sanyo DVD Recorder/VHS unit for my grandfather so he could both record his old VHS home movies onto DVD and also so he could record some of his older TV shows or TV movies from his Dish Hopper's DVR onto DVD.

The manual shows about 8 different ways to connect it to a TV. So, I chose to connect it using the Audio/Video Input Jacks, seeing as that was the only cords that came with the unit. I turned it on and did as the manual instructed and set it all up, etc. But when trying to record something from his Dish DVR it doesn't transfer to the DVD recording. 
I re-read the manual and it does have an option for connecting the unit to an External Tuner. 
Is that really necessary? Could we just connect the Sanyo unit straight to the Dish Hopper unit and record whatever he chooses on his DVR to a DVD?
If an External Tuner is needed, what would be best?

I'm sorry, I'm kind of a noob for all this stuff, haha. Reading the manual only seems to get me so far. So any help would be appreciated! 

Thank you for your time!

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Re: Sanyo DVD Recorder/VHS hookup?

Hello Dani, 


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! Thanks for taking time out of your day to post a question.


VHS/DVD Recorders can be tricky to get connected correctly. How do you have your Dish currently connected in the system? Do you currently have the Dish DVR>TV>Sanyo DVD/VHS recorder? 


The best way to get what you'd want is to connect the items in the following way so devices can talk to each other. As the way I noted above doesn't allow the Dish DVR to speak to the Sanyo DVD/VHS recorder. To do that you'd need to connect it like so: DVR>Recorder>TV. You're more than welcome to make these connections by using composite or HDMI. Please just ensure you're going out of the Dish DVR to the input of the Recorder. Then out from the Recorder to the input of TV. 


Tuners should only be necessary when catching over the air signals. The model you purchased should be “line-in ready” to accept content from your Dish DVR. Please know select titles are copy right protected, and cannot be recorded.


Let me know if that connection sequence doesn’t work out for you.



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