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Question about Magnolia TV's

After calling multiple places and educating myself before buying a TV (Been over 10 years since I've bought one).  Looking at the OLED65E6P as the new 2017 LG OLED's are not what I'm looking for.  Anyway, After speaking with several dealers.  A few mentioned that Best Buy's magnolia brand is made up of "cream of the crop" serial numbers on devices they sell.  This is true?  I know this model TV especially those made before June 7th suffers from input lag in the 68ms range while those made after that has input lag reduced all the way down to 28ms.  I was also informed that because of this, this model TV ranges in price from $4,000 for the 28ms version down to $2,000 for the 68ms version.  Problem is, very few dealers tell you which model you're getting so you just have to base it off of the price... thing is, you have no idea if they are selling you the 68ms model for $4,000 or you're actually getting the 28ms model.  Only way to know is examine the serial number.  So if there's any truth to this, if I buy the TV from Best Buy... I take it I'll get the 28ms version?  Thanks in advance, if no one knows, Guess I'll have to check the serial number first before actually taking it out of the store.  

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Re: Question about Magnolia TV's

Hello Samuel0073,


Research is a great first step when on a quest to find a new TV! I understand earlier models of TV can definitively have some bugs that firmware updates do not remedy, and you have a few concerns about LG’s OLED65E6P.


Many of the items sold by our Magnolia Design department are the top of the line or Best Buy exclusive models. If you’re looking for a particular serial range you’d need to visit the Magnolia Design Center within your local Best Buy to check. Often times our agents that work in this department may be able to provide you further insight, and may also possibly be able to answer this question.


Please visit the links above to learn more about our Magnolia Design Centers, and the quality products they’re able to offer!




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