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New Roku Insignia question

How in the world do I shut off the womans voice that comes on everytime I change the channel, etc.  



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Re: New Roku Insignia question

Oh that makes me laugh.  Giggle giggle.


Ok now to be serious.


Go into the menu

Go to AV Settings

Choose Sound

Make sure stereo is checked and not alternative audio

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Re: New Roku Insignia question

Thanks for your quick response.  however it doesn't look like the solution you recommended fits with my TV.   Here's what I have for "menu"

Settings,  from there I went to audio, then menu volume 


and she is still talking.


I don't have what you gave me as far as Menu, AV , Sound, etc.

Hope you can try again.





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Re: New Roku Insignia question

Sorry, I meant I go to 




then Audio


then Menu Volume  and turn it off  but she's still blathering on.  I can't believe it's this hard to shut it off.




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Re: New Roku Insignia question

Hello tweezybird,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community! I’m sorry to hear that this feature was turned on automatically on your New Insignia Roku TV.


Roku’s forums claims there’s a few different ways depending on your TV to get her not to articulate everything you’re doing. I’m sorry to hear that


The recommend the following:


Settings > System > Audio Guide OR Settings > Accessibility > Audio Guide OR press the * key on the remote 4 times.


Please let me know if none of those solutions solve your issue. If it doesn’t can you please include the model number of your TV in your response for me to look for another solution.



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