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Laptop to (Smart?) TV

I'm looking to purchase a large flatscreen tv to replace a projector and screen. Would it be possible to wirelessly connect a laptop to a smart-tv and use it for Powerpoint presentations and such? I need to be able to extend the display, not just mirror the laptop. If this is possible, what TVs do Best Buy sell that can do what I need it to? I would like a 70 in screen, as it is for audience presentations. What 70in. TVs can I purchase that can be used as another display for a laptop? The laptop will be no more than 50ft from the TV. Does Best Buy sell a TV that will work? Thanks.

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Re: Laptop to (Smart?) TV

The best way to display to a TV is via HDMI or if you get a TV with DVI input even better.



To do it wirelessly you will need something like an 


HDMI Transmitter


This one is actually highly rated.


Normally you will need a laptop with an HDMI output.

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