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LG sound bar switches inputs/turns on by itself

I bought an LG sound bar around me Christmas time and installed it with my Vizio TV. Worked great for the first 3 months. As I watch Cable ( cable box is HDMI to tv, tv is optical cable to sound bar, also have and XBOX1 HDMI to tv) the sound bar switches to blue tooth and is playing some one else's audio. I checked all my devices I have only linked my iPhone to the Bluetooth LG soundbar and non of the other devices in my home.
The second issue is that it will turn itself on to that blue tooth signal at night when I'm asleep. I have been unplugging it at night so it doesn't wake me at 3 am anymore. Thank you for any help!
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Re: LG sound bar switches inputs/turns on by itself

I actually have the exact same scenario but with a Samsung sound bar. Where someone connects to Bluetooth and I hear their audio and turns on automatically. The only work around I have found for mine is to turn a setting off. I think I found a setting to turn Bluetooth off or to turn auto on off. Something like that. That would be my best suggestion.