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Identify 75" TVs without 3D

I've been all over the web looking for a 75" tv without 3D!  I want to purchase a Sony or LG smart 4K tv with the appropriate options.  I am ready to buy but can not pin point the set.  I've looked @ Sony XRB75x900E & Visio P75-C1, but the Visio has bad reviews relative to quality and support.  The LG 75uH6550 look good but I'm looking to replace my 73" DLP.  


Next question, can you replace the Coloe Wheel in my DLP?


your early response would be appreciated!

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Re: Identify 75" TVs without 3D

Hi. I assume you meant can they replace your DLP's Color Wheel (coloe?). I believe their answer will be a maybe. They might be able to send a tech out to your place who is able to open up your DLP and replace the wheel if they are able to locate the part, but Best Buy doesn't carry the part.

Your best bet would be to locate a person who can repair TVs first, then to locate and buy the part before setting up a time for that person to come work on your TV. TV repairmen aren't that common anymore.

I know the frustration you must be going through locating a replacement TV with or without certain specifications. I have the same problem in reverse! I keep looking for large screen TVs "with" 3D, but keep getting shown ones that don't have it. Good Luck in your search!

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Re: Identify 75" TVs without 3D

I don't know about repairing the color well. 


And I am with you on the frustration of finding a non 3D TV. I would like to see the Anti Filters where you can opt to NOT show items with a given feature.


Personally I have also been researching new biggers TV's as my 50" Plasma is getting closr to a decade old.


I have been to the Magnolia store near my office a number of times checking out the picture quality of all the high end TV's and by far my favorite is Sony.


I had been looking at a different series than the one you listed but now that I compare it a huge bonus with the 900E (for me) is that it has a direct Ethernet Connection.  I think that is a huge feature. 


My Roku physically sits close enough to my router that it is almost touching.  It was fast but there was lage. When a lot of other wifi devices in my household were being used it was a lot more noticable.


When you hook up Ethernet via a gigabit port your connetion speed increases very much. Now lag is almost non existent and when I start up a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime it is almost instantanious. 


The Sharp sets also have some really good graphics but I don't see any this large anymore.


Tried and true ways to compare sets side by side. 


Look for things that should pure white and pure black.  A set that can show the whitest white and the blackest black is a good indicator of the TV's color control.


Another thing to look for is high speed motion.  If they happen to be running demo video with football or soccer watch the ball when it is in high speed. if it blurs, leaves a tail or jerks, that is bad.  Not as much of an issue with a lot of newer sets but it was really obvious back in the LCD days and lower refresh rates.

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Re: Identify 75" TVs without 3D

Hello Friends,


Thanks for swinging by! I’d be happy to see how I may be able to assist you.


Brent, do you have any other specifications besides a 75” without 3D preferably not Vizio? In regards to the color wheel in your old 73” DLP you’d need to ask our Geek Squad by calling 1-800-GEEKSQUAD. They’d even be able to provide you with a quote estimate of the work prior to coming to your home.


Walrus, what size are you looking for? Any other specifications you’re interested in besides 3D?


I’d be happy to see what we may carry that fit your needs individually. Also, have you checked out our new tool on that helps you find your Perfect TV? It basically is like talking to an agent in-store about what you’d like for a TV.



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