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How can I surf Internet on TV?

I don't know much about all the "smart TV" stuff I keep reading about, I'm pretty confused. I'm about to buy a new TV. I was told I can buy some setup called a Logitech Revue for $100, and that will allow me to surf the internet on my TV. Does that sound right? Do I need a long cable to go from my comp to TV, or is it wireless? I have a router because I have a laptop comp also. Thanks
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Re: How can I surf Internet on TV?


Try this:


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Re: How can I surf Internet on TV?

Hello billbill,


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Speaking on behalf myself only, I will tell you what I do for ‘Internet TV’ at my house. I have a laptop with a DVI output for an external monitor. Using a DVI to HDMI cable, I connect my computer up to the TV and use it as my other monitor. Then with a wireless keyboard and mouse, I can sit in comfort on my couch and enjoy glorious Internet while barely lifting a finger.


I am not sure how the Logitech Revue compares, or what kind of outputs your laptop might have, but my setup keeps me very happy so I hope this helps.



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Re: How can I surf Internet on TV?

The Logitech Revue is a piece of equipment you add to any existing TV that you have to make it internet capable. It is a Google TV product that comes with with a web browser (Chrome browser by Google). So yes, it is completely correct that you were told the Revue would allow you to surf the internet on your TV. The Revue has built-in wi-fi, meaning you don't need any additional components to make it connect to your existing wireless internet at home. Of course, a wired connection will always be better than wired. It's up to you. It's recommended you have 5-10Mbps from your internet provider. You will need to purchase an HDMI cable to connect the Revue to your TV though, if you don't already have one.


Alternatively, you could buy a Smart TV with a built in web browser, which a Best Buy employee should be able to identify these models.

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