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I finally purchased a nice Samsung LCD (LN52A650) . I have had HD cable with brighthouse for a few years using my older SONY digital tv. The question I have is: the pace HD box has no HDMI output. It only has a DVI output. Can I use this DVI out (PACE box) to my new Samsung HDMI IN using a cable that has the conversion connectors ?. Is it the same as HDMI to HDMI or will there be some loss. I noticed on the Brighthouse website they had DVD recorder boxes that do have the HDMI out.
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The DVI plug would go from your box to the end of the tv with HDMI. There is one issue you have to resolve however and thats get audio from a source.
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Hey reelthing,

Because HDMI video signals and DVI signals are directly compatible, there should be little to no video quality loss if you wind up using a DVI-to-HDMI cable adaptor. Like hockeycanuckjc pointed out, however, DVI cables only support video signals - you’ll need to find another way to get an audio signal to your TV or home theater receiver.

If you want to avoid the hassle of multiple cables – or want the one of the newer DVD recorder boxes – you may want to give Brighthouse a call for more information. You never know, they may even offer a replacement HD cable box available that features an HDMI output!

Hope this helps you out!

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