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Elac speakers only available online

Bestbuy carrys Elac speakers but they are only available only and not in stores. Will they everyone available in store?0
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Re: Elac speakers only available online

Glad to hear your interested in Elac Speakers.  


This is reallly a situation that is a blessing and a curse.


Years ago store used to carry their entire inventory on display in each store. 


With todays market store are able to offers many thousands and thousands of products.  But to have a store big enough to display each of them would require a store the size of a football stadium


Thats the curse.  The blessing is they can still sell them online and drop ship them direct to you.

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Re: Elac speakers only available online

Fully understood Bobby, but the Elac line is a hot product right now in high demand. It is unreasonable for them to carry the whole line in store. If they carrried just one of their speakers like the B5 or B6 it would be a big in store seller. Best Buy did great with the Andrew Jones Pioneer designed speakers as well
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Re: Elac speakers only available online

Hello Pones,


Thank you for swinging by, and calling attention to some newest line of up of Elac Speakers. I took a quick peek to see how this inventory was ingested into our system, and it does appear they were set as online only.


Since it’s a classier speaker our Magnolia Home Theater department is actually the business team that requested we started to carry the inventory. You may be able to visit your local Best Buy that has a Magnolia store in it, and they may have a few pieces on hand of the Elac brand.



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