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Dynex TV Problems

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In response to the other threads to everyone having problems with Dynex TV's.

Late 2008 we bought 1 42" and 1 20" Dynex LCD’s. Never had any problems with the 42, but once in awhile the screen would go out on the 20. All I would do is turn off the power strip for about 10 minutes or so. This seemed to reset the TV. Eventually it stopped doing this. Don't know why and don't care.

As for BestBuy customer service, they are awesome. In April 2009 our home was destroyed by a tornado. When we went to go get new TV's and dvd player they told us to check into our extended warranty on the old TV's that they might actually be covered in this situation. We did and with the proper documentation about our home we were reimbursed for the old TV's.( I hope I'm remembering this right as my wife took care of all the claims and paperwork while I rebuilt our new home.)

We have been loyal to them because of the prices and quality of products and will continue to be because of how we have been treated.

For those having problems with any electronics of any mfr. remember that they all have their lemons now and then, some more than others.

As little as the extended warranty is I highly recommend it. It is money well spent.

I am not a Best buy employee and never have been.

Those of you doubting my story here are a couple of links.

The videos on flicker are poor. They were taken from my cell phone.

As can be seen I am like most limited on funds especially since rebuilding of which we did most of including plumbing and electric to save money. (prob. never do it again though. I hope).!/profile.php?id=100000825482539


Thanks BestBuy for taking care of us. We will be around for awhile. Hope you are to.

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