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Compatible wireless headphones for Sony Bravia XBR55X810C



I am looking for compatible wireless headphones for my Sony Bravia XBR55X810C TV. I did not realize about bluetooth profiles supported by the TV (Version 4.1 HID/HOGP/3DSP/SPP) until recently when i purchased wireless headphones/earphones and tried to pair them.

I have a Bose SoundSport wireless earphone which i tried pairing and failed. Before that I got another wireless headphone that did not pair. That is when I got curious and found about bluetooth profile compatibility.


So my question is: What are the wireless earphones/headphones that are compatible with the TV?


Very few of the wireless earphones/headphones packaing that I have seen contain infomation on the bluetooth profile(s) suported.


Thanks in advance for the help. It will help me from saving trips purchasing headphones and returning them.

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Re: Compatible wireless headphones for Sony Bravia XBR55X810C

I have a set of Turtle Beach headphones for gaming.  There is a dongle that plugs into a USB port for power.  I then plug red and white RCA connectors into the audio out on the TV.  And those are connected to the dongle.  


The dongle then sends the signal to the headphones.  They are made for gaming but they sound good and work well.  


Your TV is compatible with Bluetooth Version 4.1


So you need to look for headphones that are as such.


The Soundsport are 4.2


Bose Quitecomfort


Sony XB50BS

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