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Broken TV looking to trade-in

So I have my brothers broken TV that he chucked a controller at outta stupidity and theres truthfully nothing wrong with it... well internally. Its a SEIKI SE24FE01-W (if you wanna look it up) and all that broke was the front LCD screen that displays the image the LED part behind it is perfectly fine and works I even took apart my TV to put the LCD screen on and it worked. But the down side and reason I need to get rid of it is because I cant find a screen replacement and would rather get a new 24" tv or monitor for my computer. So in all I need to know if BestBuy will take the TV or if they wont. 



Note: I still have the LCD screen and the controller. 



Thanks for the help Smiley Happy

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Re: Broken TV looking to trade-in

Also its a full HDTV


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Re: Broken TV looking to trade-in

Sounds frustrating.  


However, Best Buy does not take trade in's on anything other than Video Games. Your best bet would be to try and sell it to someone.

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Re: Broken TV looking to trade-in

Hello Logan Simmons, 


Best Buy actually takes many things for trade-in, however, TV's aren't one of those things. You can follow the link above to see what items we're happy to pay you for, and the estimates of how much Best Buy would be able to give you on a trade-in at this time. 


We're able to help you with recycling the TV if you need help with that. Also, another thing note is if a screen is cracked on any device this often disqualifies it from being eligible for trading. 



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