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2016 Vizio 4K HDTV Line Up

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Vizio’s P series is hoping to be a knock out this year, and they’re keeping their prices consumer friendly! So what’s being highlighted this year on their 2016 models?


HDR with Dolby Vision: Probably my favorite feature that has been introduced this year across all brands. It provides those sharper, richer images by perfecting each individual pixel.


Ultra Color Spectrum: Elaborates how they’ve integrated a wider color array for smoother transitions, as well as differences on the screen in sky blue and water blue.


SmartCast: Ability to search content using an application on your phone or tablet bringing your favorite entertainment into one easy experience.


Google Cast: The same technology used in a Chrome Cast will be available on these models! This means you don’t need to purchase a separate device, and use one of your precious HDMI ports for it.


HDMI: Speaking of HDMI ports, the P class will have 5. No more worries about having enough!


Tuner-Free Display: This will only effect our friends that still receive over the air free channels in addition to their streaming needs. None of the P models will have internal tuners built into them.


Click the links below to check out their P series line up!










Let me know what you think of this new line up! If you have questions I’m always happy to help you answer those too!

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Re: 2016 Vizio 4K HDTV Line Up

I'll keep my 2015 Somy 4K XBR HDR ready X850C I bought at B.B.  that is allegedly   better than even the 2016 Sony X850D thank you it has a wider color gamut ,better upcsaing and the legendry Sony XBR build quality  ,Sony Color and features you can't get on a Vizio.and pehaps a wider color gamut and beter contrast than the 2016 Sony X850D also .  


While the Vizio P sets can get brighter HDR highligts and brighter full screens IMO the local diming is farcical at this led count they have and brings blooming to the house anway and they dont have a full premium  operating sytem or even an ATSC tuner so all that and lack of features and the overall picture /build quality puts it in the discoumt bin for me and out of a premium ownership experience of a Sony XBR or Similar Samsung ..and  who knows what other price point compramises are on the boards,the panel  and circiuts inside that may affect durability . ..


This 4K XBR is Sony TV #5  here isince 1994 ncluding  the real decnt 2013 40" Sony 1080p I still own , never  a breakdown or any regrets paying the usual Sony Tax anyway ,.same for the 6458500 Samsung Plama out front . 


Maybe the reviewers wouldent be so gaga over these Visio P things  at Sony or Samsung prices and would probably trash them some at those prices and half of them dont know how to work the more than execlent wide color gamut remapping you can do on a Sony Triluminous TV anyway .  


OTOH at Vizio  price points there may absoluly be decnt broad market price point value above cheaper sets for some folks not wanting  to pay the usual Sony or Samsung tax which has always been the mission at Vizio anyway .


. I look at Vizio more as legitiamte bridge product betewn the  inexpensive sets in general and a Samsung or Sony and that may define  thier legitimate value in the pecking order.  



Not sent from my Best Buy 2015 4K HDR ready Sony XBR X850C or the other 4 Best Buy TV's here but instead Windows 10 14393.rs1
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Re: 2016 Vizio 4K HDTV Line Up


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Re: 2016 Vizio 4K HDTV Line Up

Great product