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Picking the Right Streaming Device

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist on ‎02-11-2016 02:20 PM (753 Views)

Streaming devices have become a necessity for the majority of households. The real question is, what is the correct one for yours?


It’s essential to answer these questions prior to purchasing a streaming device to ensure that you do get the correct one to fit all of your streaming needs.


Are you cutting the cord with cable?


If you are I’d suggest checking out this help guide on The Alternative TV Solutions Buying Guide goes over everything you need to know in order to make sure you have best experience when you do cut the cord.


Who will be using the device?


Some devices are more user friendly than others, and if you aren’t that tech savvy or children will be using the device can influence your decisions. Is one of the individuals that will be using the device hearing impaired? There’s streaming devices that come with earbuds!


What applications are you hoping to use on your new streaming device?


The applications you are interested in using can drastically determine which streaming device is the one for you. It’s super important that you double check that the streaming device you are thinking about purchasing can support your applications needs.


We've actually have chart with the most popular and frequently asked about applications. It also mentions if there is a cost associated with the application too! 


You can check that chart out here. 




Now that you’ve thought about those questions let’s look at which streaming devices currently are offered on!


Apple TV


Apple TV (3rd Gen)

Apple TV (3rd Gen)

-Affordable option due to release of Apple TV 4th generation

-Great for Apple lovers.

-Syncs with your iTunes account, which is great for all those digital iTunes codes.

-Applications are constantly being added.


Apple TV (4th Gen)
Apple TV (4th Gen)

-Same great features as the 3rd Gen.

-Touch pad remote with Siri.

-Access to the App Store.

-Better Processor (A8) and Audio (Dolby Digital 7.1)

-Options for storage either 32GB or 64GB


Roku Streaming Devices


Roku 1

Roku 1

-HDMI or A/V cable compatible

-Access to over 2,000 applications

-Full HD Support


Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick


-Supports HD content in 1080p

-Screen Mirroring for Android and Windows devices

-Access to 2000 applications



Roku 2

-Same key features as Streaming Stick


-Ethernet, USB, and Micro SD ports

-Processor optimized for HD



Roku 3

Roku 3

-Same key features as the Roku 2

-Voice Control Remote

-Motion Control Remote for Games

-Ear Bud capabilities for private listening


Roku 4


Roku 4

-Same key features as the Roku 3

-4K Ultra HD Support

-Remote Finder

-Slimmer new design


Amazon Fire




Amazon Fire Stick

-Pick and Choose interface


-Dual Core processor for faster streaming


Fire Stick with Voice Remote


Amazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote

-Same as the regular Fire Stick

-Voice remote that uses Alexa technology to search for you


Amazon Fire


Amazon Fire TV

-4K Ultra HD

-Alexa Voice Search

-Micro SD for extra storage






-New discreet design

-Doesn’t have applications, but ‘casts’ from your phone or tablet

-Mirrors Chrome browser to your TV

-USB or HDMI connection


For a deeper look into each streaming media player please check out our Streaming Media Player Buying Guide.