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Inconsistent signal w/subwoofer kit

Hello, I recently installed the Rocketfish wireless subwoofer kit on my home theatre system. I'm using the kit for one subwoofer, it's in the back of my room approximately 10-12 feet away from the other Rocketfish receiver. About 80% of the time it works great. However sometimes the signal goes away for a short period of time, you can always tell when the signal comes back because the sub makes a faint pop sound of bass. The light is always on blue so pairing doesn't seem to be the problem and it's not lagging for more than 20 minutes so the system isn't shutting off. I was curious if there were any troubleshooting steps?

I'm using a Onyko TX-NR646 receiver and Polk Audio PSW108 subwoofer. Someone on the reviews on had this exact setup and the exact same problem. I'm wondering if it's the equipment combination that is causing this?
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Re: Inconsistent signal w/subwoofer kit

I have the same issue but worse. I will get sound through the sub for a few seconds then it goes quiet. It will sta t again if I stop and restart the track. I have a JBL sub with a Yamaha receiver. I contacted rocket fish support and they simply suggested that I take it back to bestbuy and exchange for another unit. Did that the other day and still having the same issue.