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Am i still under warantee?

I have a 1st generation 16gb ipod touch that i bought almost two years ago. I also have a 3yr warantee that a bought at that time. A couple months ago, it started acting really slow (taking forever to close windows, start up, turn off, ect.). However last week, i fell down the stairs and my ipod was in my hand and the screen cracked. It still functions like before, only the glass layer is cracked. My question is, Is my ipod still under warantee?, If so, if i traded my ipod in, what would i get since there is no longer a 16gb ipod touch for sale?

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Re: Am i still under warantee?

In all likelyhood, you have no warranty coverage due to the damage unless the warranty specified damage coverage.

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Re: Am i still under warantee?

We did not offer accidental service plans back then so the 3yr service plan on your product would not cover the damage. Good news is, the part required is not that expensive. I would search online for replacement ipod parts, many places even offer mail in service as well as our own service center.


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