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reward points

I ran into two incidents of fraud. I caught it right away - it was an iPad purchased online with my BB credit card, but being shipped to an address I'm not familiar with in California. I called the morning after the online order was placed. The agent was making sure I would be credited for the purchase and a new card issued. What she seemed to fail to do was "intercept" the order so the warehouse didn't ship it out the next day (it was a 2-day shipping deal). I called again when I received the confirmation email that the order was getting ready to ship. That agent "intercepted" the package to ensure the fraudulent purchase didn't get in the hands of the thief.
I'm a rewards member and have an elite plus credit card. I tried to do an in-store pickup the week of 4/3. It was cancelled without my permission. Perhaps it was cancelled b/c of the recent fraud on my card? I planned to pay for the in-store pickup with my reward points which were expiring on 4/7. Since my in-store pickup was cancelled I went into the store on 4/7 and stopped at customer service first to confirm that I had two reward certificates in the amount of $30 and $5 expiring on 4/7. I knew just what I wanted to purchase since I had just tried to submit an in-store pickup order earlier in the week. The customer service gentleman assured me that the two certificates weren't combined into a $35 certificate b/c that isn't a standard increment. After I finally found my DVDs after MUCH searching, I tried to pay, but couldn't get an in-store discount on the Beauty & The Beast DVD (due to outer packaging damage). The manager/assistant manager wouldn't allow it. They were going to order it for me, but since I wanted to pay with my certificates they couldn't split the transaction. Then I tried to redeem my certificates and the $30 one, which had JUST been reissued earlier that week, wouldn't work - it was saying it was already redeemed. I did not redeem the certificate. I believe the thief redeemed the certificate on their online iPad order. I was in the store forever trying to get this sorted out. He suggested I call - I told him I didn't want to call, again, b/c I'd already called twice on this matter - 1) to report the fraud, and 2) to officially "intercept" the shipment since the first agent didn't fully do their job. At this point I'm super frustrated - and I am again as I type all of this. This has taken so much of my time. I tried to do the right thing, protect consumer prices from increasing (due to fraud), and all it does is create problems for me, more work, and spending more time.
Why did my $30 reward certificate disappear? I'd love it to reappear. And maybe a little more to help make this entire issue "right."
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!
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Re: reward points

Hello mlilly2012, 

Welcome to the forum although I wish it were under better circumstances. It's discouraging to hear that your My Best Buy credit card may have been compromised, and that you had trouble having the issue fully addressed.


I'm glad to hear you addressed this with Citibank, the issuer of your My Best Buy credit card account, to ensure a new card was issued to you. However, Citibank would not have the ability to address the actual order. I'm sorry if you weren't made aware of this and if you had to make a second phone call to have the order intercepted before it was delivered.


You are likely correct in suspecting your order was automatically cancelled due to the fraudulent activity you reported on your account. With that said, I apologize for any hassle you may have experienced in store when trying to make your purchase.


Please know that I was able to locate your order and membership using the details you registered with the forum. I am sending you a private message with further information regarding your experience. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 



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