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No longer accumulating rewards points

First off, I'm posting this from a different e-mail than my actual BestBuy account because it wouldn't let me verify my address on the support forum with my real account. I assume I will need to provide that e-mail via private message to whoever responds.


Anyway, my reward point balance has been stuck at 0 for the last few months, despite qualifying purchases that appear in my reward history.


I think this has to do with a large purchase I returned. When the item was shipped, I got an e-mail issuing me $10 in rewards certificates. I returned the item a week later and the certificates disappeared from my account, which is expected. However, ever since then my point total has also been sitting at 0 and subsequent purchase have not been accumulating as expected, despite the points appearing in my rewards history.


I feel like what potentially happened is the system took away my certificates and subtracted the related points from my total, double penalizing me and making my balance go to into the negative. Shouldn't it either be one or the other? Would I still be able to use the certificate I was issued via e-mail even though it doesn't appear on my account anymore? I don't see a place to key in the relevant certificate number online.


Would appreciate any help on this issue.

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Re: No longer accumulating rewards points

Hello apos, 

Welcome to the forum! It's discouraging to hear your point total may not be reflecting correctly, but you are likely on the right trail regarding the return and disappearance of your certificate. 

When a certificate is issued, and then a return processed deducting points from one's account, it's possible to have a negative point balance. However, if the certificate was voided, those points should have prevented you from having a negative point balance. I suspect that while the certificate was voided, the points for it never made it back to your account. 

With that said, I'll have to review your account to be certain. Please see that I am sending you a private message to gather some additional information. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum, then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page. 


Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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