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My Best Buy™ Tier Expiration FAQ

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At the end of every February, My Best Buy members who have not requalified for their tier statuses the prior year will have their current tier statuses expire. This may cause some changes on your account that will impact the benefits you receive from our My Best Buy program afterward.  While not all members will be effected, we are only a couple weeks away from March.  Here is what you need to know:



Q. What amount did I have to spend to requalify? 
A. To requalify for Elite status, you would have needed to spend $1500. For Elite Plus, $3500.



Q. What timeframe did I have to spend this amount? 
A. Qualifying purchases are based on a calendar year, so purchases have to be made between January 1st and December 31st of each year.



Q. What if I’m an Elite Plus member, and I only spent enough to requalify for Elite? 
A. Your Elite Plus status will expire, but you won’t be switched to our Core tier. You will be switched to our Elite tier.



Q. Will my purchases made while Elite or Elite Plus still receive that tier’s benefits? 
A. Yes. Purchases receive the benefits of the tier you were at when the purchase was completed in store or placed on



Q. I’ve been banking my points as an Elite/Elite Plus member, which is expiring. When my Elite/Elite Plus status expires, what will happen to my banked points?
A. Core members don’t receive the benefit of banking points. Unless you requalified for a status that receives this benefit, any banked points will be converted to certificates.



Q. I’m sure I purchased enough in the previous year to qualify for Elite/Elite Plus. Why did my tier status expire?
A. Chances are some of your purchases didn’t count towards requalifying (payments by gift cards or reward certificates, for example).



Q. I have a My Best Buy Visa credit card, and spent more than the required amounts if I combine the Best Buy purchases and outside purchases. This means I requalified, right?
A. No. In order to requalify, you must meet the spending requirements either with Best Buy or outside Best Buy. The purchases will not be combined to requalify for your tier status. 



Q. I’m still certain I should have requalified. What do I do? 
A. If you’re absolutely certain you should have requalified, we'll be delighted to double check your account for you. 



Q. I have multiple memberships, and between them I made enough purchases to requalify. Can you ensure I keep my tier status? 
A. We’ll be happy to take a look at merging your memberships, and go from there. Check out our article here regarding how to merge memberships. Note that memberships under different people (even spouses) cannot be merged.



Q. I was incredibly close to requalifying, but didn’t quite make it. Can you ensure I keep my tier status as a customer service gesture?
A. In fairness to all members, you must meet the spending requirements to requalify. Memberships that didn’t meet these requirements will not keep their tier statuses.



Q. I’ve been an Elite/Elite Plus member for several years, but admittedly didn’t requalify. Can I have a freebie for this year as a customer service gesture? 
A. Again, in fairness to all members, you must meet the spending requirements to requalify. Memberships that didn’t meet these requirements will not keep their tier statuses.



My Best Buy Program Terms

My Best Buy Tier Benefits



                Thank you for being a My Best Buy™ member!  Please feel free to send any questions you may have here.


Derek|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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