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Missing points, but shows that I should have been eligible for them...

Recently was browsing through my banked up certificates and realized that I may be missing points/certs.  For the purchase of the Fifth element 4k steelbook, it shows that a bonus 250 points was added, but no certificate was created.  With the backlog of reviews I have done over the last couple months, it shows 0 points awarded for all reveiws I completed on my purchases.  I haven't used any certificates in over a year and as I am calculating the points, it seems like my certificates may be off by 2.  


Is this an issue anyone else is noticing?  I am certainly not trying to sound greedy, but It seems ever since I hit Elite Plus, I've started noticing that points aren't being added for completing reviews and everything else I mentioned above.  I tried looking for an email for Customer Service to bring this to their attention, but I was unable to find one.  


If anyone else has run into issues like mine, I'd like to know that I'm not alone.  And if anyone has had these issues/worries rectified, please let me know how you had your issues solved.  


Thanks for taking the time to listen to me vent.  I know it's petty stuff, but $5 is $5.  I buy ALOT of movies, esp steelbooks and these certificates and review bonuses help me afford them every month.  -A

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Re: Missing points, but shows that I should have been eligible for them...

Hello A, and welcome back! 

Ensuring you're receiving all the points and bonuses that you've earned is a great habit to have! I'm glad you've been checking over your points and certificates lately, though I'm sorry to hear something seems to be off. 

Using the details you registered with the forum, I was able to locate your membership to take a look at things myself. Sadly, while I see the 250 points awarded for your Fifth Element purchase (fantastic movie, by the way), I don't see a certificate issued, which is odd. Furthermore, while there is an 8 bonus (200 points) limit per calendar year on product reviews, I don't see that you've been credited for any this year. 

Given this information, I'm sending you a private message to further discuss your account. You may check your private messages by signing into the forum then clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner of the page.


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