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Claiming reward zone points from a LARGE purchase only to be turned away...

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Not too long ago (a year)went to Best Buy this weekened to purchase an item due to visiting the area. Keep in mind BB is about an hour or so away from our home so online purchases work best for us. We RARELY visit the actual store. When I made the purchase the sales rep asked me if I wanted to put the item on my rewards zone account. I didn't have one and he explained to me how the points system worked and so I made an account. Recently (a few days ago) my wife and I went out for labor day to eat and best buy happened to be in the area. I had to make a purchase within the TV section and when I made the purchase, the sales rep asked if I wanted to put it on my rewards account and I said " of course". Being in the TV section I was reminded of a LARGE purchase I made a few years back and so I asked the sales rep about how many points I would have receieved for that purchase and the rep was blown away at the fact I hadn't made an awards account back then for such a large purchase. I would have received over 300-400 dollars in rewards points...HOLY HECK!! Fast forward, I find my receipt and decide to call customer service...The first woman found my receipt in her system and was very empathetic and made me feel like I wasn't being unreasonable for wanting to claim those rewards but told me that too much time had passed since the LARGE purchage and I didn't have an active rewards account back then and ultimately there was nothing she could do. I explained that if the rewards point system was in effect at the time I made the large purchase then why does it even matter that such time had passed. Why would I have even turned down the offer to make a rewards account IF the sales rep had asked me? That's like saying " NO I don't want a few hundred dollars so just flush it down the toilet" Continuing on, I then asked to speak to her supervisor and she obliged. When the supervisor, NANCY {removed per forum guidelines}, got on the phone she treated me very poorly. She did not want to help me but only seemed to want to back up her employee. She told me I was trying to get a few hundred dollars out of them and I was...I spent that LARGE amount of money without receiving any points...I'm really disappointed in the help I received. I hope this gets heard by someone above NANCY. Am I the one to blame for not makeing a rewards account all those years back or was it the best buy sales rep who forgot to mention the rewards benefits at the time of purchase? Please help console me. I want to continue to be a best buy customer but that's not looking too good at the moment  -John

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Re: Claiming reward zone points from a LARGE purchase only to be turned away...

Hello jjmcclosjr - 

Welcome to the forum! It's wonderful to hear you choose to shop with us online, and in stores when convenient. Our My Best Buy membership is a great way for customers to earn points, and when combined with our My Best Buy credit card, there are many bonus points to be earned as well. 

While we would not be able to determine what occurred so long ago, I am truly sorry if you weren't asked about our My Best Buy program or credit cards during a large purchase a few years ago. Per our My Best Buy program terms though, any purchases made prior to enrollment would not be eligible for points. 

Given this information, we wouldn't be able to add any purchases made prior to your enrollment in the program. I apologize if this news causes you any frustration, and for any rudeness you may have encountered over the phone when inquiring about this transaction. Please know I've been sure to thoroughly document your grievances so that we may have it available for further review in the future when looking at how we may improve our processes and programs. 


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