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Where can I direct a complaint?

I would like an address and phone number on where to direct complaints regarding CitiBank regarding their business practices?  Additionally, were can I direct a complaint regarding Best Buy's business practices? I've encountered multiple problems trying to access my billing statements with CitiBank, as I've requested to have paper statements, and I still am unable to access paper statements. I cannot log into my BestBuy online account, and have been told that I can't open it with a Mac computer. Therefore, I am stuck with e-statements, where have not wanted online statements for several months. I do not feel this is an unreasonable request. 

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Re: Where can I direct a complaint?

Citibank you you will have to speak with directly for any concerns about their policies and procedures, but from google here is their phone number for customer support 1(888) 248-4226.  For Best Buy you can contact us at 1888-Best-Buy and work through the menus until you find the correct department to hear your concerns.  The moderators on this website do work for corporate so if you are willing to elaborate on the situation one could help in a much faster time frame, being assigned to a certain moderator may speed up this process.


I only have Mac technology and I do not have any issues logging into and seeing my statements, and just double checked right now to make sure the site is not down, or acting up. Something you may want to talk about is recieving these paper statements with Citi.   I personally have multiple cards with Citi and love their customer service for their quick resolutions and also how fast they can send a paper statement with just a request.  I strictly use their "chat now" to speak with an agent immediately and also so that I can print out the conversation later, if need be. 


I apologize if you are having so many problems with both companies and it is my hopes that you are able to get the resolution that you are looking for.  Have a great day! 

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Re: Where can I direct a complaint?

Hi macnetnet,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. I know how frustrating it can be to have a banking or credit card web site not work correctly. I had a similar issue with my student loans web site recently, so I’ll be glad to try to help you out.


The first thing we want to confirm is that you are trying to use the correct web site. Please give it another try with this link. If it still does not work on your computer, I suggest downloading the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and seeing if that allows the web site to work.

You can reach Citibank N.A at 1-888-574-1301 for account assistance or at 1-888-738-4624 if you would like technical assistance. You can also send them a letter at P.O. Box 790441, St. Louis, MO 63179-0441. I’m hopeful, however, that you can get this resolved by either calling them or using a different web browser.


On the Best Buy side of things, I’ll be sure to document your concerns about the support you’ve received from Citibank N.A. We want our partners to provide only the best support and we take your concerns very seriously. Please keep us updated on whether the alternate browsers work, or whether Citibank N.A. is able to help you out over the phone. If you have any further questions, please let me know.



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