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Was told incorrect information when product purchased

We recently went to Best Buy to purchase a tablet for our granddaughter.  We spoke to a sales representative who showed us several models.  We decided to go with the fire Kids Edition. We chose this model because of the durable case it has and the representative advised us that it had a 2 year worry free guarantee which meant it would be covered for anything - cracked screen, water damage, anything that may happen to it. She advised us all we had to do was bring it back to the store and it would be replaced.


Today we took the tablet back to the Best Buy we purchased it at because the tablet was dropped and the screen cracked.  We were told that we would've had to buy a warranty through Best Buy for it to be replaced.  This is not what we were told when we purchased it. If we would have been told about a separate warranty for a broken or cracked screen we probably would have purchased it.  We were told the "worry free" warranty covered all of that.


I am very upset that we were given incorrect information. I don't know if it was when we purchased it or when we tried to replace it, but someone gave us wrong information.  



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Re: Was told incorrect information when product purchased

Hello cdkandler,


You know, a lot of products are really quite sturdy, especially some great devices for kids, but none of them are impurvious to everything as I learned from my own child. I was discouraged to read that the information you received regarding your graddaughter's tablet didn't match up with what you were informed after it was damaged and I regret any inconvenience to you.


While the manufacturer's warranty covers a great many things having to do with the failure of a product due to defect, almost none of them extend to coverage for damage or wear and tear to the unit. Geek Squad Protection fills the gap by oftering coverage above and beyond the factory warranty, including for screen damage for many products. It sounds like these differences were not communicated well at the time of your purchase. 


When you visited the store to seek repairs, did you speak to a manager regarding this situation?


Please know I'm grateful you wrote to us.



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Re: Was told incorrect information when product purchased

The woman at the customer service desk said that she would talk to the geek squad manager about it. I don't know if she did or not because she was only gone for about a minute.. She did not offer that option to us.