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Trouble placing order and refunding gift cards and order cancellation

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A month or so ago my husband and I decided that it was time for a new washer.  We'd had good experiences with Best Buy in the past and decided that we'd make our purchase with you.  We also thought it would be great to take advantage of incentives our grocery store, Giant Eagle, provides for purchasing gift cards.  So on Feb 22 we purchased $800 in gift cards from Giant Eagle.  Below is the series of events that has happened since then.  Our situation is still not resolved, and our most recent experience with David A, the supervisor of the customer service group, on March 18th has left us extremely frustrated and unwilling to do future business with Best Buy.  I am writing in the hopes that we can finally come to a resolution.  Please bear with me, and if you think this message is long to read, imagine our frustration in living and dealing with the situation.

For your reference, the most recent case number I have is #(removed per forum guidelines).  The orders were placed under my husband's name and account.

First Order & Delivery

  • Feb 21- contact LG to confirm whether or not our existing washer pedestal could be used with the current models.  Email received from LG that the pedestal could be used and there was no need to purchase a new one. Call 888-BESTBUY to ask about Delivery & Installation with the information from LG that our current pedestal is compatible, and am told if the pedestal is compatible they’ll install the washer.
  • Feb 22  - purchase gift cards at Giant Eagle
  • Feb 22 - place order on for LG washer and hoses (removed per forum guidelines)
  • Feb 28 - washer delivered.  Upon arrival the delivery team informed us that they would not/could not install the washer on our existing pedestal.  We showed them the communication from LG indicating that it would work.  The delivery team told us that the brackets wouldn't work.  We were forced to refuse delivery and request a refund for the purchase.

Refunding the gift card

  • March 2 - cancel order, yet realize that the refund is not being provided for the gift cards.  Called multiple times and spent hours working with customer service to determine how to get the $800 put back onto a gift card so we could place a new order. Spoke with Serena and was given case #(removed per forum guidelines). Then spoke with Ron. Then spoke with Kenya. Then spoke with Kathy, who was confident she could fix this.
  • March 7 - e-gift card issued by Best Buy for $800

Trying to place the new order

  • March 12 - place an order for a Samsung washer, Samsung pedestal, hoses, delivery & haul away (we decided that since we had to purchase a pedestal we would get a Samsung washer).  The order totaled nearly $1000.  We used the $800 gift card, and put the balance on a Chase VIsa. (removed per forum guidelines)
  • March 12 - order cancelled by Best Buy.  The only indication as to why is “We were unable to verify your information” in the cancellation email.  We immediately place a second order.  This order was also cancelled. (removed per forum guidelines)
    NOTE:  We were later told that the first order was cancelled because Chase had a fraud alert.  We have called Chase more than once to validate this. Chase has not put any fraud alerts on our account.  Furthermore, when we do have fraud alerts we receive an email from Chase, which did not happen.  I'm not sure where this story comes from, but it lacks credibility.

The second order was cancelled because the gift card had a zero balance - it was depleted during the first cancelled order, and when that order was cancelled the gift card was not refunded.

Refunding the gift card again... and trying to place yet another order

  • March 12 - call 888-BESTBUY to ask why the orders were canceled. Bobby immediately blamed the credit card.  Called Chase, and they confirmed that Best Buy charged and then refunded $191.15, and that there was no fraud alert on the account, so it was not our credit card. Called 888-BESTBUY back and Curtis explained it was canceled because of a zero balance on the gift card and he’d check on it, was put on hold, and after a few minutes was disconnected.
  • March 13 - call 888-BESTBUY and Cynthia gives us a new case #(removed per forum guidelines), and transferred us to the e-gift card department at 877.850.1977, and after a few minutes was disconnected. Call the number given, and am told that they only know about purchasing gift cards, and am transferred back to Best Buy. After a few minutes, the call was disconnected.  Call 888-BESTBUY and talk to Kevin, he checks the notes on the case and says it’ll take 24 hours for funds to be returned because it was the weekend.
  • March 15 - still no refund, so called 888-BESTBUY and Joseph says large amounts can take 3-5 business days, and gives a different e-gift card phone number (866.308.6166) to call and a new case #194719726.
  • March 18 - still no refund. Call 866.308.6166 per Joseph’s recommendation and speak with Heather. She says Cashstar can’t help with refunds and transfers me to BestBuy. Serena picks up and says she’ll check with the e-gift card dept and puts me on hold. After a few minutes, Lisa picks up as if this was a new call. Somehow Serena lost my call and I got Lisa, so she puts me on hold to transfer to someone else, and after a few minutes I’m disconnected again. Call customer service again and speak to Samuel, who kindly grants my request to speak to a supervisor/manager and gets Ernie. He explained why the orders were cancelled, which we already knew.  They offered to have us wait for new gift cards, which was gong to take days.  After nearly two hours on the phone with Ernie (who was extremely helpful) he was able to get authorization to place the order for us, credit it $800, and let us pay the balance on the credit card.  He places the order.  It is cancelled.  No idea why.  He hypothesizes it's our credit card, so we give him a different credit card with a different bank.  This order also will not go through.  He calls us back and suggests that instead of putting the order on my husband's account that we should do it with mine.  So we try that.  No dice.  That order won't place.  We're back to square one.  Ernie now suggests that I place the order myself online, call back and then Best Buy will apply an $800 credit to the order.  So I get home, place the order using no gift cards, attempting to pay in full with my credit card,   Guess what?  That order gets cancelled.  So now I can't even order without a gift card.  So I dial back to customer service. Spend over an hour with Billie, who is lovely and tried to help.  At this point all I want is $800 issued to my credit card.  I can't place the  order.  Best Buy can't place the order.  We're out $800. And we still need a washing machine.
  • I understand that having purchased the gift cards at Giant Eagle is causing some difficulties, but even so, the level of difficulty we are experiencing is unprecedented.  Billie informs me that she cannot place our order, nor can she credit $800 to our credit card.  I ask to speak to the shift supervisor.  It takes an extraordinarily long time to get someone on the phone.
  • Finally I get David A.  He tells me that the credit card company is denying it because I've never been to Missouri and the credit card won't let that purchase happen, which is ridiculous. First of all, I have indeed been to Missouri.  More than once even.  Instantly David has lost credibility.  In today's ecommerce world it is ridiculous to think that Chase will flag it because it's in another state.  So we call Chase while on the phone with David.  Chase tells us that no authorization requests from Best Buy have come through that day, for any of the orders that Ernie or I have attempted to place.  Clearly the problem is not with Chase. 
  • So now that David realizes he is caught in his lie, he tells us that all of these orders are being cancelled because the product is on back order.  I have no way to say if this is true or not, but even today I am able to see that the washer we want is available to be scheduled for delivery this week.  And if it is out of stock or on back order, why weren't we notified of that on March 12.  Or during any of the other calls.
  • Here is where we stand.  I was given an e-gift card number verbally by David A over the phone.  He says there is no PIN.  He instructed me to wait a day or two and place the order again.  I do not want to do that given our experience of multiple cancelled orders, followed by hours and hours on the phone in order to get the gift card balance back.  I have no faith that the order will go through, and when/if it's cancelled again we will not get the gift card money back.

This is what I would like:
- Best Buy can place the order for us.  We will pay any balance out of pocket.  Or not - perhaps you should credit us for the hours we've spent trying to resolve this.
- Alternatively, issue an $800 credit to our credit card, or via check made payable to myself or my husband.
- David to be reprimanded for being incredibly rude, and for giving made up excuses as to why the order was cancelled.  He made absolutely no attempt to help us.  He should not be in a management/supervisory position.

Please contact me immediately for resolution.
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Re: Trouble placing order and refunding gift cards and order cancellation

Hi kcbhsu,


This sounds like a horrible experience, and I am honestly sorry you and your husband went through this while merely trying to purchase a washer from us. After all that time spent on the phone with us, and the sheer amount of people you spoke to, I don't blame you at all for being upset.


After looking into this I see that Steve on our Executive Resolutions team is currently addressing this, and I will leave this in their more than capable hands. If you do have any direct requests for us please reach out to Steve moving forward.



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