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The Tale of a $500 Dollar Box

We currently feel helpless.


I live in a small 650 square foot apartment. My friends and I decided to put all our money together and buy one prized possession: a $499 55" Vizio E Series TV. We went to Best Buy and bought the TV, and secured it in the car with the help of a Best Buy employee, and also brought home a small speaker system and a receiver to complete the set up (from different store). A couple days later we were all free, and unboxed the television, speakers, and receiver. We then took all the boxes to the recycling center and went out to dinner. When we came home, we tried to set up the equipment, and upon plugging in the TV, it became clear that the screen was broken. The crack was not visible until the TV was turned on. The TV still has the plastic wrapping and everything on it, but was broken out of the box. It is broken in a weird way, with some sort of puncture occurring in the middle part of the bottom of the screen. We know for absolute certainty that the TV came that way, because we handled it with extreme care, and hadn't even attempted to use it, given by the fact ALL the original wrapping is still on the TV.


We contacted our local Best Buy, and they mentioned that stuff like this happens, and they will replace/exchange the TV. We were very grateful, and felt relieved. 


However, they now state they cannot accept the TV because we do not have the original box. So now we are stuck with a brand new $500 TV that was broken out of the box, that Best Buy claims they cannot exchange or offer ANY type of deal on, because we are simply missing a box. They said if we get the box, then then will honor the so called Return and Exchange Promise. Best Buy is valuing the TV at $0, and the box at $500. We are well within the 15 days for the Return and Exchange Promise, and yet this "promise" is being ignored because we don't have the box. They most recently told us that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, and that they cannot help us because we are missing a piece of cardboard. 

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Re: The Tale of a $500 Dollar Box

They need the box to inspect how the damage occured. If the TV wasn't damaged they wouldn't actually need the box.
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Re: The Tale of a $500 Dollar Box

I will continue to wait for a Best Buy Admin. The TV was broken out of the box, and there must be a solution. The TV should be adequate for accessing damage. It is cracked from the very bottom of the screen, in the middle of the panel. There is not even a possible way the TV was broken by the customer. If it was dropped on the screen, the whole screen would be shattered. This is not the case. If it was dropped on its side, the side of the TV would be damaged, but it is spotless. It was clearly punctured and broken by too much weight being placed on the TV before it was opened. This weight was NOT supplied by us, as we had a Best Buy Employee secure the TV in the car, and nothing was ever placed on top of it. This TV was either broken in Best Buy on accident, or in production. Either way, we are now the ones paying the price, and that feels wrong. Best Buy knows it was not user negligence based on the break, and offered to exchange it. However, they claim without the box, they cannot accept the exchange. The box is not needed to assess damage in this case; the origin of the damage is clear. They simply claim they need the same piece of cardboard, or they will not exchange it, even though we were sent home with a broken TV. 


There must be a solution. 

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Re: The Tale of a $500 Dollar Box

Hi PoorCollegeKid,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I understand how frustrating and disappointing it must be to have a new television broken so soon after you bought it.


Under our Return & Exchange Promise, items that are damaged cannot be returned. It sounds like your local store was considering making an exception to this for you, but ultimately decided against it.  I apologize for the disappointment this has caused.


I’d like to take a look into your purchase, if possible, to see if there’s anything else we may be able to do for you. Using the information in your post and in your forum registration, I was not able to locate your purchase in our systems, however. If you could please send me a private message, using the link in my signature below, containing your name, and the customer service PIN from the bottom of your purchase receipt that would be great.


Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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