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Television purchase

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April 19, 2017 I am writing this with much frustration about a recent experience with Best Buy. On Thursday, April 6, 2017 I went to a local Best Buy store (N. Attleboro, MA) to purchase a Samsung television that was on sale for $869.99. When I arrived at the store I learned that the television was not available in the store but I could purchase it, they would order it and I could pick it up at the store as soon as the following week. I paid for the television using my Best buy credit card. The next morning I received an email stating that my order was cancelled (due to verification reasons????) I had no understanding what that meant so I called 1800-BESTBUY. The associate that I spoke to (unfortunately I did not get her name) told me that she had no idea what the “verification” problem was and that she would forward my info over to the cancellation department and they would contact me usually in about 24 hours to either explain what needed to be verified or to re-order my television. She also told me that the sale price of $869.99 would be honored once all was straightened out if the problem was not of my doing, which it wasn’t. She assigned a case # {removed per forum guidelinesand said she would make note of the honored price in the notation section. Three days later (April 11th) I hadn’t heard from anyone so I decided to call back. This time I spoke to Craig. After Craig looked into my issue he informed me that the associate that I spoke to on Friday didn’t dispatch my information correctly over to the cancellation department so he would have to forward it again. He apologized for the problem and I was still okay with everything at that point. Well 24 hours later still not hearing from anyone I called back and this time I spoke to Linda. She looked into my issue and I spoke of my concerns. She said she understood. She said that Best Buy issued a refund but Citibank was not accepting the refund so my card was still holding the purchase of the television even though the order was cancelled (and understand I still don’t know why the order was originally cancelled) She made a conference call to Citibank to have all of us on the line to get this straightened out???? Unfortunately it was 9:08pm and the Citibank representatives end their day at 9:00pm. Linda told me to call back the next day or when I had the time and have the Best Buy associate that answered look at my case and to do the same thing with Citibank. She issued another case # {removed per forum guidelines} and also confirmed that the sale price would be honored when I could re-order the television. I was unavailable to follow through over the next couple of days so since I had Monday (4/17) off from work I decided to call back in the afternoon. The next person I spoke to read the notes and connected me to Citibank. Citibank looked up my information and said there were no issues and that the refund had been applied to the account and there shouldn’t be any problems (remember now, no one can still tell me why all this even happened, Best Buy at one point said it could be problems with their own server and then said it was a problem at Citibank???) After speaking with Citibank I called BestBuy back to have the television reordered. I was transferred over to the post-purchase dept. for the reorder. I believe the persons name was Art that I was transferred to. Art was in the middle of helping me when for some reason we got disconnected. I called back and ask to speak to Art but was given Glinda instead. She tried to help but said that I wouldn’t be able to get the television at the sale price any longer. I was not happy seeing how I was told that the sale price would be honored and it was supposedly even stated in the notes. She was looking into it when after being on hold for quite a while we were disconnected also. Now I was getting extremely frustrated and called back again. This time I got Oscar. After explaining my situation for what seemed like the 10th time, Oscar proceeded to look into it. He also stated I would not get the sale price. I voiced my concern and he put me on hold. When Oscar came back on the line he said he had “good news”, he proceeded to tell me that I could repurchase the television at the sale price (I’m sorry, but that wasn’t good news since I was originally told I would be able to purchase the television for $869.99…good news would have been the sale price plus an additional % off for all my time and aggravation… this time I have already been on the phone with BestBuy for 2 hours JUST TODAY). Being happy just to get it resolved I decided to just reorder the television and be done with it BUT THEN Oscar informs me that I can’t pick the television up at the N. Attleboro. MA location where I originally purchased and paid for it but I will have to go to a different store (Bellingham, MA) to pick up the television (I did not want home delivery due to someone not being home when delivered). That did not make sense to me. Why couldn’t the television be sent to N. Attleboro like originally planned instead of a different location? He put me on hold to look into it. While on hold I kept getting text messages from people that I was suppose to meet up with an hour earlier but didn’t because I chose to be late so I could resolve this matter with BestBuy and get my television reordered. So when Oscar came back on the line I was so frustrated and near tears I couldn’t handle any more stress at that point so I told Oscar to just cancel everything….that I was DONE! I don’t understand why I had to go through ALL THIS and still not end up with the television I wanted and to pick it up at the location I normally shop at (like I was told I could). I have purchased laptops, desktops, televisions, and telephones all at BestBuy through the years and have never experienced anything like before. Please look/review my case #’s that I provided in this writing. I hope I do hear back from someone at BestBuy regarding this entire matter. I would still like to purchase the television, at the sale price or better, and to be able to pick up at the N. Attleboro location. I guess I could pick up at the Bellingham location but N. Attleboro is much more convenient, that is why I shop there) I apologize for such a lengthy letter but to write everything that has happened I don’t believe I could have written a shorter version. Sincerely, Judy {removed per forum guidelines{removed per forum guidelines} {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Television purchase

Hello Judy,


Thanks for signing up for an account here with us at the Best Buy Community forums. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such a difficult time with your television purpose. I know how frustrating it is to be bounced around phone support as you described, and I apologize that this happened to you.


Using the information in your post and in your forums registration, I was able to locate your order in our systems. I’d like to go over some details on this order with you. Because we respect your privacy I’ll be sending you a private message rather than sharing these details in this thread. You can check this message by logging in to your forum account and clicking on the orange envelope in the top right corner of the web page.

Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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