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Sketchy Employee/Employee Practice

This is about one certain employee at a location that I would like to not publicly name. I used to live with this roommate until this month (living a total of 6 months together). I started to notice he would get a lot of calls from "customers" in the beginning because he would give out his number to "provide better and continuing customer service". Around January it became more strange when customers would let my former roommate take their electronics and have the roommmate fix them on his own in the apartment. I assume this is somewhat a liability for BB as well. Mostly he would be programming firesticks or other media devices and he would accept tips/payment for this service as well. On a few occassions he would buy the firesticks/desired media device at BB while on the clock and then charge the customer the full price + extra to program whatever device they wanted. In February or March, he had a call from an older lady who was wanting to pick up a TV. He called BB and confirmed they had the TV she wanted. He then proceeded to tell her to tell BB she didn't want to pay for installation and that he would go to HER house and do it for her. He did just that and not only did he take payment from her, he also took her old TV that she was upgrading from. He also accepted a ride from her after the "work" was finished.


Listen, I highly enjoy shopping at BB but people like that ruin it. I don't want to have sketchy employees like him ruin a trip. Employees shouldn't be giving out their address, number, NOR should they be going to customers homes unless they are on the clock (such as Geek Squad/installation). What my old roommate was doing was a huge liability for BB and I'm unsure where to go about fixing this before something happens to a customer that he tries to help.

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Re: Sketchy Employee/Employee Practice


Hello Discarnate,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community!


Assisting and supporting customers through-out the whole purchasing experience plus for the life of their product through a Geek Squad Protection Plan is very important to Best Buy. It’s disappointing to hear that someone within the Best Buy organization may doing these things you mentioned.


Agents are often encouraged to build professional relationships with their customers to better understand their purchasing needs, and to properly address their concerns. However, in the manner in which your ex-roommate possibly was doing so isn’t acceptable.


I appreciate your willingness to let us know about this occurring. In a few minutes, I’ll be sending a private message to collect more details to forward on to the correct teams for further review. You can check your private messages by ensuring you’re logged into your forum account, and selecting the orange envelope in the top right-hand corner.




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