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Serial Number Needed for Stolen TV!

We bought a TV as a Christmas gift from the website. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but we had no problem exchanging it at our local store. It was stolen from the persons home we gifted it to, and now to complete the police report, we need the serial number. Wondering if there is any way to track it, I have an order number under my account on Thanks!
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Re: Serial Number Needed for Stolen TV!

Did you buy a Geek Squad protection plan with it, or any other warranty that would have referenced the serial number? Without that, there is most likely no reason that whomever fulfilled your order would have notated the serial number and attached it to your receipt.

If you or the person you gifted it to had filled out the warranty card they comes inside the box and mailed it to the manufacturer, they would have a record of it (the card asks that the serial number be written on the card when filing it).

Where I work, when we sell any item, we ask if the customer would like to buy a protection plan. If they do, we have to notate the serial number. If the customer declines we don't notate it at all. I would guess Best Buy works the same way. Hopefully they have a record of it, but unless a Geek Squad protection plan was purchased they probably don't.

Before posting I try to research everything first or use my own experiences. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Best Buy. After a year and a half hiatus, I'm back working for the competition.
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Re: Serial Number Needed for Stolen TV!

Thanks, Walrus! I'll find out if she filled out the warranty card. I didn't buy a protection plan. Thanks so much for the info though!
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Re: Serial Number Needed for Stolen TV!

Greetings Krisoh85,


I’m truly sorry to hear that you’re the recipient of the TV had it stolen. I can certainly understand how disheartening that must be.


Walrus did a great job of provided an answer regarding our policy of capturing serial numbers. Upon selling we don’t scan or record them. Only if a Geek Squad Service plan is purchased do we document it to attach the plan to the specific unit being purchased. I genuinely hope you’re able to get assistance from your local police department in locating the stolen TV.


If there is anything else I can answer or assist it, please don’t hesitate to respond!



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