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Returning a MacBook "Pro"

Hey guys, 


I bought a $2568 macbook 10 days ago cash. Don't like the touchbar, looking to trade it for the $2140 model. Since i did pay $136 with my credit card, 


Could I exchange the laptops, get the $136 returned to my credit card, and the other $292 cash in hand?


Or do I need to wait for bestbuy to send me a $292 check to my house?


Thanks for all your help in advance!

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Re: Returning a MacBook "Pro"

Hi GilbertBlack,


I recently upgraded my laptop this past Thanksgiving as I was long overdue for a new one, and ended up making the jump to the new MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar.  I have to admit, I don't use it that often, but the Touch Bar has proven convenient at times when I'm multitasking!  It's understandable, though, that you may want to exchange it for the model with the classic function keys.


Our Return & Exchange Promise (R&E) allows you 15 days to request a return or exchange for most products.  If you're an Elite or Elite Plus member in our My Best Buy program, you'd have 30 or 45 days respectively to bring back the item.  Per the R&E, we'll reimburse you in the same way you originally paid.  Hopefully this next part doesn't get too confusing!


In my experience, if the total difference in pricing (refund) for the exchange is less than the "minimum split payment value" ($136), you should be able to request which method you're reimbursed by since you technically paid that much with both cash and credit.  However, if the refund is more than your smallest payment (>$136) you should be refunded the $136 to your card and then receive the remaining refund balance in cash or you may have the option to be reimbursed entirely in cash since the cash refund would be under $800 (see R&E for details).  Just be sure to let the associate know before the transaction begins so they're aware of what you want and can make sure you're taken care of.


I hope that wasn't too confusing!  Let me know if you need me to re-explain anything or have any questions about your new MacBook Pro! Smiley Happy

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