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Return Policy - Broken TV

After reviewing the message boards there are clearly two patterns:


1) TV's are frequently received with cracked screens;

2) 15 Day return policy is insufficient for many customers (or now ex-customers)


My story


I purchased a TV from on 6/11/2017. It was delivered to my home on 6/16/2017 and left standing on it's end leaning up against a garage door. Fortunately I saw the package from the outside of house. It would have been very easy to open the door from insude and it would have fallen to ground. I provide this detail to illustrate the care with which the package was handled.


Due to a few 'minor' personal issues not the least of which was my wife facing total blindness, requiring emergency surgery twice on her remaining working eye, my mother having carotid arterial aneursym surgery, you know minor things, that I was unable to find the time to set up the television.


On 7/14 /2017 I opened the box of my brand new UHDTV plugged it in, turned it on only to find that the screen was cracked.


I immediately put the TV and all it's packaging back into original box and shipping box and went to my local Best Buy store as was indicated on the shipping summary that accompanied the TV. Note that the shipping summary has no information regarding a timeframe in regard to the return policy. Details, details.


At the store I spoke to a manager who plugged TV in and confirmed that it was broken. The mamager then informed me that I was outside the 15 day return policy and implied I was the person who broke the TV! The suggestion was to call the toll free number to see if they could do anything.


I contacted the toll free number later the same day and was told the same thing that the store manager had said. The return was outside the 15 day return policy period. It is interesting to note that if I was a Best Buy Elite Rewards member the policy is 30 days and if I was an ElitePlus member the window extends to 45 days! I had in the past been an Elite/ElitePlus member but since I hand't spent the required $1,500/$3,000 in the last year I was simply a regular member at the time of purchase.


I am not quite sure what membership status has to do with a customer receiving a damaged product and refusing to stand by.


The CSR at suggested I contact the manufacturer, Samsung, which I did. I submitted copies of photo of damaged screen and also of the receipt. It was during the time I was trying to locate a receipt, you need to go back into account online and go to your purchases that I discovered the return policy at the bottom of the order screen. The policy does not print out with the order details. 


Samsung got back to me in two days to advise that the broken screen is not covered by warranty, that the issue was probably Best Buys' delivery vendor, FedEx in this case, and that they could not be of further assistance.


I am now in the position of having purchased and paid as I pay my bills on time a TV that was delivered to me in damaged condition.


Best Buy (and rightly so the manufacturer) have disavowed themselves of any responsibility placing the blame on myself for failing to read the return policy and failing to open and inspect the product within the return policy timeframe which incidentally I thought was 30 days. Best Buy changed return period from 30 to 15 back in 2013 citing better customer service in keeping pricing under co ntrol!


I really wanted the TV, not a return of my money, an exchange would be in order. Particularly since the damage was most probably the shipper and not Best Buy meaning that Best Buy would not be out any money, just the time to follow up with their delivery vendor.


This is truly an instance of caveat emptor. Customer service is no longer of concern on the part of Best Buy.

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Re: Return Policy - Broken TV

Hi Freddicat,


Thank you for taking the time to visit our forums and share your experience with us. I was disheartened to hear your TV seems to be damaged and is no longer working. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the purchase, we always hope our customers are able to get more use out of their TVs than it sounds you’ve been able to, and for that I am sorry.


Regrettably, as it sounds like you’ve been made aware, because your TV was purchased and delivered to you over a month ago, we would not be able to offer you an exchange per the terms and conditions of our Return & Exchange Promise. I apologize for any further frustration this answer may cause you.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Return Policy - Broken TV



There are some egregious errors in your reply that I must correct:


"I was disheartened to hear your TV seems to be damaged and is no longer working." The TV doesn't "seem" to be damaged ,it IS damaged, and "is no longer working", it never worked.! I was delivered a damaged TV.


Your remark that "We always hope our customers are able to get more use out of their TV's than it sounds like you've been able to" is simply amazing. I received NO USE WHATSOEVER!


Best Buy could have made a decision to accept the return pursue remedy with the delivery carrier and chose not to. It would still be subject to return policy TODAY if I was an ElitePlus member. I am not.


I have a major issue with your return policy specifically in regard to damaged goods. While I fully understand allowing more 'valued' customers a little more time to determine if the product purchased meets their needs or if the customer needs some time to decide whether they like the product or not, however when a product is delivered damaged then the policy no longer makes sense and may in fact be discriminatory.


In my case, it is outright theft. I paid for a non-working product!


As you can see from my story, life doesn't happen in accordance with your 15 day return policy.


While Best Buy is perfectly happy to point to their policy and say sorry we can't help you, a decision could have been made to assist with this issue. The 'easy' and was not to assist. This lack of customer concern coupled with the ongoing implication that Best Buy's delivery of a non-working product to me is somehow my fault is an inexcusable attitude.


I am seeking recompense elsewhere via my State's Department of Consumer Protection and the State's Attorneys' General office and will certainly turn to the potential power of social media to get the word out in regard to your company's customer treatment.