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Really disappointed with last few experience with Best Buy - banned from return



For the first time in my life, I planned to purchase open box item from Best buy after my over the range microwave gone bad about 1 month or so before. We liked one of the open box item in our local store and purchased it right away and picked in the following weekend. As soon as I opened for installtion, found that it was very badly packed and the turn table inside got chipped off probably during packing or transport. When we called in store to finding out what are the options I have, so rather than suggesting some options there was exteremely rude response from executive that we can't give you a part from new item for this which we didnt even asked for. So, we were forced to return the item in store.


Next I decided to buy whirlpool one from another store which my wife and son didn't like when it reached home. So I decided to return it once I found another good open box from best buy itself online. To my surpise during the reutrn I was informed that I am banned from returning any items to best buy but I was ok as I was sure that I have bought what we needed so I may not have to return it.


Here comes the next surprise, the item which was mentioned in excellent condition on website clearly was opened. Its right side panel is totally broken out and has big dent at the bottom. I went back to store to return and I was denied the return and told me there is third party agency which tracks the user return has locked the store from taking any actions and only option I have is to have to reach out to them.


I got the RAR from them today and reviewed it. I will be disputing it, becuase except the one of the incident when I decided to return whirlpool I should not be held reponsible for other 2 return which are forced on me. But not sure how long that process will take and where it will end. I am stuck with the microwave and can't buy another one either becuase I don't know what will the outcome of my case.


If someone actively looking at this forum and could help with my case, would really appreciate quick response. I can share more infromation as needed.


Thanks for reading!!



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Re: Really disappointed with last few experience with Best Buy - banned from return

Hi anurag2810,


Thanks for joining us here at the Best Buy Community forums. I know how frustrating it can be to receive an item in worse condition than expected, and I’m sure that finding out you are unable to perform future returns because of this only adds to your frustration.


As you are aware, The Retail Equation, or TRE, is a third party company that helps Best Buy and other retailers keep our prices low by tracking returns. You are on the right trach by requesting your return activity report, and disputing the transactions that you believe should not be counted. Regrettably because TRE remains a third party company I would not be able to influence any decisions they may make about your dispute. I encourage you to continue working with them on this.


I hope that they are able to provide you with a positive resolution. If you have any additional questions, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Really disappointed with last few experience with Best Buy - banned from return

Thanks for your response!


I am definitely confused what kind of business startegy this is and how would it benefit it to the business. Rather than tracking the number of returns and creating trouble for your loyals long time customers, it would have benefited business more if they would have gone behind the reason of these returns and provide satisfactory solution to those problems.  


Now, at least I would think 10 times before going to best buy store or even ordering anything online and suggest the same to all my friends too.