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Re: Unauthorized payment from Best Buy 1582

I just got a text from Discover card with a 52.99 purchase as well. It was from MN - and not Iowa - where if it is an autopurchase or renewal of virus protection - I would think the charge would come from the purchasing store. I have called Discover to let them know i didn't know what the charge was for - that I had not been in a Best Buy store today. And actually we are traveling, which makes me even a little more uncomfortable that this is going on right at this moment. If you could send me some sort of verification, that would be graet. thanks. djsamson

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Re: Unauthorized payment from Best Buy 1582

Hi djsamson,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums. I know how scary it is when you see an unexpected charge on your credit card. It is great that Discover offers you a service to let you know when a charge like this happens. I’ll be happy to see if I can help you find what the charge was for.


Using the information in your post and in your forum registration I wasn’t able to locate this charge in our systems. I can tell you that by what you describe, it sounds like this may be an antivirus renewal. The amount you were charged lines up, and our corporate headquarters is in Minnesota so renewal charges will often have that as the location. I don't believe that there's anything for you to be concerned about, but we want to be sure on this if we can. 


If you could send me a private message, using the link in my signature below this post, containing any phone numbers or email addresses that you may have used when signing up for an antivirus or protection plan with us I’d appreciate it. Using that information I’ll try to locate the renewal in our systems so that I can let you know exactly what the charge was for.


I hope you are enjoying your trip, and I hope that I’m able to confirm the renewal for you so you can have some extra peace of mind.

Thank you,

Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Unauthorized payment from Best Buy 1582