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Just needed to rant.

To whom it may concern:

I write this not expecting anyone to really care because this is just another customer complaint. I worked in retail long enough to know that only once in a while the complaints get addressed by more than a generic response. I think at this point I'm writing to just get it off my chest.
Your Palmdale, CA location has really disappointed me the last few times I've been in. Previously, I went in to see about a couple cds and a Playstation Network time card. It seems with every visit the cd selection gets smaller and my husband and I decided we will just have to order online for the CDs we wanted. Then we searched and couldn't find then PSN cards. We must have been in there 15 minutes before we could find anyone to help us. Finally we found them in the front of the store. Naturally I had questions because I see the way the cards are set up is new (they no longer have the scratch off bars hiding the code, awesome change I may add!), but the cashier was to busy talking to another coworker about the weather to allow me a moment to ask my question. I've come to learn customer service just isn't what it should be. 
This isn't why I am posting this.
I just went in to this location last night to purchase the Windows 10 Minecraft Beta Full download card. This is a gift for my 6 year old son for Easter since his trial time of the game expired and no other store seems to carry this physical card. I ran around the store like a crazy person (figuratively, speaking) granted I was nodded at a few times by employees which is a step up from "normal" and Raul wearing a Microsoft shirt stopped me and asked if I needed help. He then grabbed the card I was desperately searching for from a stack on a peg board just feet from where we were standing.
Awesome, right? In this moment, yes. Raul has just relieved some serious stress.
I go to the cashier to pay and it says this item isn't for sale. My heart sinks and I truly hope it's an fluke. No such luck. According to Angel (who took over the issue), there are zero cards in stock and it's been deleted from the system. Clearly this is an oversight due to the department employees. 
Now I'm stressed out all over again. This is the only thing my son has been asking for. Could I go online to buy it? Of course. But he's 6. I wanted the magic of "the Easter bunny" to have brought him the game code card. Plus, he already knows the kind of crafty print outs I am capable of. I asked Angel for the card anyways, since it was useless and they were going to throw it out. I figured I could still buy it online and present the card to him... he's 6 afterall, he doesn't need to know the card is just for show. "No, we aren't allowed to." was the response I got. I've mentioned that I've worked in retail before. When *I* dealt with cards that had unique code's on them, I know those weren't to be given out without purchase. These new cards only list a SKU number and the code is given on the receipt. I didn't see anything wrong with my request.
This may not seem like anything to you. I had just enough money in cash to pay for this card for a boy who truly deserves it. Buying the PC version of the game wasn't in the Easter budget and neither was buying a generic Minecraft card to make the purchase that way.
I know sometimes things happen. Humans aren't perfect. Oversights exist. I'm just frustrated. The PC version/windows 10 version will have to wait for another day. I will think of something else to get our munchkin for his basket. I suppose I just wished for more compassion last night from someone who clearly just didn't want to deal with me. Maybe I'm just burnt out that one of my favorite stores has changed so much...
If you stuck around long enough to read this. Thank you. I'm sorry you had to read my "whiney" nonsense. 
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Re: Just needed to rant.

I didn't think your "whine" was nonsense. I'm as mystified as you why the card that is basically a piece of plastic or cardboard with nothing on it couldn't be given out, or rather that someone couldn't "undelete" or add one card back into inventory to sell. Sales is the driving force of business isn't it!

While it wasn't why you were writing, I did want to address the lack of CD selection in the stores. CDs, DVDs and other things "disc" are handled mostly by vendors now; third party suppliers who bring in and stock these things for Best Buy. With the proliferation of streaming everything these days, these vendors no longer buy large quantities of things physical and only bring in the popular or new items and remove excess amounts so as not to take up space. It's driving business (like mine) online and away from brick and mortar stores.

I hope your other shopping experiences at Palmdale improve.

Before posting I try to research everything first or use my own experiences. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Best Buy. After a year and a half hiatus, I'm back working for the competition.
If you respond to a post of mine, I will read it. I may or may not post in the thread again, but rest assured I will read your response Smiley Happy
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Re: Just needed to rant.

Hello JeanHall,


Welcome to the Best Buy Community forums.  I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes after a disappointing or frustrating experience (and it sounds like yours was both), a good rant can make me feel a lot better. I’m so sorry that that we weren’t able to help you out in our Palmdale store.


Minecraft is a really neat game, and it’s great that your son is interested in it. Your post made me wonder why the cards weren’t available at any other retailers and why we weren’t able to sell you the card. Based on what I’ve found it looks like Microsoft has discontinued the physical card buying option for now.


I’m very sorry that the store hadn’t pulled down all of the discontinued cards, and that it made an already stressful holiday even more difficult. Sometimes when products like these activation cards are discontinued, the manufacturer requires retailers to send the cards back to them, and I imagine this is likely why a card couldn’t be given to you. Beyond that, though, you shouldn’t feel like you need to hunt across the store to find help locating an item.


I’m sure you were able to figure out a great replacement for your son for Easter morning because you sound like an awesome mom. I apologize again that Best Buy wasn’t able to help you make that happen.  I’ll be sure to document your experience in our corporate systems. We reply on feedback like yours to find out when we drop the ball on something, and we take your feedback and suggestions very seriously.


I know my post can’t make up for your bad experience, but I hope we’re able to use your feedback to improve the service we offer and the next time you visit Best Buy you get the expert service we try to give all of our customers. I hope you and your family had a great Easter, and if there’s anything further I can help you out with, please let me know.



Kyle R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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