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Issues with LG 75" Authorized Return Best Buy & Magnolia Customer Service

Best Buy Team,

I'm contacting you regarding the purchase of a LG 75UH8500 TV from Best Buy on Concord Pike in Wilmington DE on August 29th, 2016 (will provide invoice number when contacted).

I had done extensive research over the course of a few months, and knew the exact LG model I planned to purchase before visiting the store. When I arrived, a young woman (Best Buy) employee helped me write up the order, and walked me over to the Magnolia department, where the clerk transacted my order.

Fast forward to the winter, where I noticed the picture becoming more and more distorted, and contacted LG for service on the TV. Long story and many phone calls and hours of my time later, an LG technician finally visited my home on April 6th and determined my TV was, in fact defective, and indicated he would assist in getting the repair under warranty through LG within a few days. After about two weeks, I contacted LG again and learned the panel part was back ordered and they had no ETA on when the part would be available. Several phone calls and hours of my time to LG later, LG determined my Television replacement part was unavailable, and LG offered to replace this set under LG Electronics dealer exchange RMA#9854xxxx (will provide RMA number when contacted)


Yesterday I received a voicemail from Best Buy Geek Squad corporate with the instructions that I was being credited the original purchase to Best Buy under your dealer exchange Return Authorization #R18456xxxx (will provide Best Buy RA number when contacted)


I should note that my original TV, the LG 75UH8500 has been discontinued, and it’s direct replacement 75” is also not available.


I did some more research on 75” TV’s, and determined the Sony XBR X850D offered the best features and value for the money according to several consumer sites.


When I visited the Wilmington, DE Best Buy yesterday, I was initially told by Best Buy customer service that I’d be credited the $2999.98 I paid under the RA, and that the balance would be credited back to me. After the clerk got the Assistant Manager involved, however, I was led over to the Magnolia department and told I had to work with their department to perform the exchange.


Upon working with the Magnolia department, I was told that the Sony X850D was not in stock and no longer available. When using the Best Buy Website I showed the clerk that it was, in fact in stock in several other stores in the region, he backpedaled and made it sound like it would be a real problem to pull from other Best Buy stores, since Magnolia and Best Buy use different Point Of Sale Systems. He also told me that the product would be unavailable for delivery until the earliest June 2nd.  


I live about 5 miles away from your Wilmington Store, 10 miles from Springfield, PA 15 miles from Christiana, DE and within 18 miles of Cherry Hill, NJ, all of which currently show this TV in stock. Why was I not offered a quicker delivery date from these stores felt misleading.


During our discussion, one of the Best Buy clerks came over and said they actually had three of the X850 in stock, to which the Magolia rep quickly replied that those sets were “reserved”. Again, feeling a bit misled here.


The rep began the process of swapping out my TV and verbally complained to me that this was a major problem since Best Buy and Magnolia have two separate Point of Sale Systems. Why is this my problem? I did not choose to purchase from Magnolia, rather, my understanding is that I bought the TV from Best Buy. He also informed me that the credit difference in the cost of the two TV’s $2999.98 & $2299.98, or $700.00 could ONLY be used for Magnolia items.


He then went on to tell me that I’d have to pay $200.00 for a delivery charge, to take the TV out of the box and lift it on my stand, while performing the required return of the defective LG 75” in question.


Your website clearly states “Free Delivery”, I am not interested in “professional setup” of my TV. Furthermore I consider it completely unacceptable to be pigeonholed into having to spend the Best Buy credit I was extended exclusively on Magnolia items I do not need.


My whole experience yesterday in dealing with the Magnolia representative felt very deceptive, and the individual seemed motivated to protect his commissions rather than solve my problem and perform the return issued by LG.


Look, I’ve been through the ringer for nearly 3 months trying to get LG to fix the defective TV, and spent hours of my time towards the resolution. I was thrilled that LG stepped up and did the right thing by extending a return authorization to Best Buy. However, I’m being forced yet again to jump through hoops and misled by your staff on what should be a simple return.


Here's what I consider to be equitable at this point:

  • Best Buy orders and delivers Sony X850D at no charge to my home under your “Free Delivery for TV’s 51” or larger”
  • I do not require setup, rather, my expectation is that the delivery crew who must return the defective LG 75” to Wilmington, take away the defective TV and place the new TV on my stand. I will connect and setup the TV myself.
  • Best Buy will issue a credit for the $700.00 difference, which I will use at the Wilmington Store to purchase other items I actually need for my home.


Please contact me to discuss resolution.

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Re: Issues with LG 75" Authorized Return Best Buy & Magnolia Customer Service

Hello jobrienphilly,


Welcome to the Best Buy Support Online Forum Community!


Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers are great places to purchase a premium TV from. It’s discouraging to hear that your LG TV was defective, and needed to be replaced. I apologize that you encountered an inventory issue for the Sony X850D you had your eye on as a replacement.


Typically, our Exchange Teams on these types of issue do their best to replicate your original order. If your purchase on 8/29 had a TV Set-up purchased a new one would need to be purchased this time around too. On your behalf, I’d happy to reach out to your local Best Buy to see how they can be of further assistance.


Can you please send me a private message with the following details? RMA approval number, original purchase information, and your preferred phone number. You can send me a private message by choosing the option to so next to my name at the bottom.



Mariah|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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