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Horrible phone system

I brought my computer down to get repaired a few days ago. I received a phone call today that my computer was ready to be picked up and I need to call for an appointment to pick up my computer period so I called and the first thing that happened was I was accosted by a bunch of irrelevant information about picking up some Nintendo system. If you wish to impart such information to everyone then I would appreciate it if you would put it under some number so I wouldn't have to go through the process of listening to something irrelevant before I can get to the point before I set up an appointment to pick up my own stuff. The next thing I finally got to a Geek Squad menu where it transfer me to a ringing phone and put me on hold. I hung up after 10 minutes of this. I called back and talk to a sales person and they asked me if it was Grandville that I needed to find out information about. I said yes that was the store but I need to find out how to set up an appointment for picking up my computer. The lady put me on hold and then came back about five minutes later and told me that oh they are all booked up tonight so you'll have to call back tomorrow. I want to do is pick up my computer after the phone call that told me it was done. Number one what is the purpose of calling to set up an appointment to pick up a repair? It never used to be like this. This is complete and utter Balderdash and it puts more stress on the customer but do you care apparently not because you change your phone system from something work to something that causes frustration. Here is a little tip don't fix it if it ain't broke and if it is broke fix it. I'm tired of trying to call to set up an appointment to pick up something that I dropped off, let alone having to listen to irrelevant information at the beginning of the automated telephone system that you have implemented. I am guessing you will lose quite a few customers if you have not already because of this.<br><br>Thank you
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Re: Horrible phone system

Scheduling at the Geek Squad has actually led to alot better client and employee interactions and I do not forsee it going away. It was nice to get these appointments slots because alot of times our agents were being tied up for much longer than the alotted 15 minutes, making the customers wait in line behind them for an uncertain time period. Now that we have appointments our agents can effectively plan accordingly and make sure that all of our clients concerns are answered in a orderly and timely fashion.  I apologize if you find this not helpful or think that it may lead to client disappointment, and your feedback is greatly appreciated!


With that said, our phone systems are set up to allow our customers to contact a store representative, even if it isn't the store you are calling about.  Many of the calls are transferred to the hub stores that see less foot traffic, and alot of times they are able to get basic quesitons and scheduling completed, but sometimes they will need to transfer you to the correct stores location.  To opt out of dealing with the phones I would recommend just going under the "services" tab on Best to schedule your appointment to pick up your device.  I will supply the LINK HERE to make sure you have a faster option available.  Thank you again for the time that you took to join and write with the community!

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Re: Horrible phone system

Hello Rod2,


It should be more than enough that you had to cope with a computer in need of repairs; nothing else -- like complicated phones call attempting to make a reservation with Geek Squad -- should be stacked on top of it. I was discouraged to read that this was your experience and I apologize for our having created frustration instead of simplicity.


autotech796 has provided some fine insight and steered you in a good direction: You can schedule an appointment by visiting We're Here to Help and selecting "Make a Reservation" under "Getting Help is Easy."


I'm grateful for your feedback and will ensure your remarks are made available to our corporate teams. Thank you for writing to us.



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