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Fraudulent Charge ! Store 0994!

  I just happened to check my credit card transactions an hour or more ago and found a charge of $26.00 and some change ( the pending transaction is now frozen by my card company so I can no longer see the exact amount ). The charge was from "BEST BUY 0994" and that is not my store and I'm nowhere near that location as I'm all the way in California. I already called the card company and they froze my card and are now sending me paperwork that I need to sign off I guess confirming this so the charge can be cancelled.  I'm appalled this is happening to not just me but others from this location. Please tell me you're going to look into this and that store location! After this I need to re consider where I purchase my electronics because I don't need this stress.

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Re: Unauthorized charge

  It just go happens I was charged 07/03/2016 as well from the same store ! Best Buy 0994 . My charge was only 26.00 ( I forget the change amount ). I just got off the phone with my credit card company and they're confirming the location all the way in Richfield, MN. If you search of false charges with this store you get a lot of others complaining about the same thing from the same store. This is ridiculous for this to happen this many times from the same location and sounds pretty fishy, in the meantime my card company has closed off mine and I've changed my password on BestBuy for safety precautions. I'll be keeping a close eye on everything now...  I'd really like to give this store a piece of my mind if this was charged in person without ID checking...but it seems it was all done online perhaps?


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Re: Fraudulent Charge ! Store 0994!

Hello Catbag, 


I appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention. It is very upsetting to hear that you have noticed a fraudulent charge on your credit card coming from Best Buy. I do apologize about this and for any inconvenience it may have caused. I could not imagine something like this happening to myself. 


Best Buy store 0994 will be our online channel and not our physical store within Richfield Minnesota. Please know the store did not take any part in this transaction. Best Buy corporate headquarters is in Richfield Minnesota and that is why that information is displayed. 


I was unable to find any orders under your email address or phone number which leads me to believe your credit card information may have been stolen. You took the correct course of action by contacting your bank right away to cancel the account. The only other suggestion I would have for you is to contact your local law enforcement. They would be able to work with us to see if we can provide any additional details to help.


I hope that this situation can be resolved as soon as possible and that you can get back to enjoying your holiday weekend. Again, I am sorry about what happened.



Heidi|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Fraudulent Charge ! Store 0994!

I also just had faudulent attempt from BEST BUY 0994 today (8-3-16) in the amount of $1734.14...have already contacted my account holder and informed them...hope this doesn't drag on and that the fraudulent activity is shut down ASAP!!!!

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Re: Fraudulent Charge ! Store 0994!

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