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Formal Complaint

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Best Buy,


Last year we purchase our 5th appliance through and unfortunately it is having issues and we need to get it serviced. We called and explained our situation. The purchase record would not show up under my account or my wife's account so the person at asked us to go to the nearest BestBuy store with the credit card we used to purchase the appliance to get the Order #. It took us 2 trips to the store but we were able to get the order #. With the order # in hand, we called back to to get access to the receipt. The employee who answered name is Jennifer (employee id {removed per forum guidelines} and told us she could not look up the receipt because it was under a Guest account when purchased for security reasons. We were logged into my wife's account on-line as Jennifer tried to walk us through how to lookup our receipt. She told us to enter our order number on the page that didn't exist. We told her explicitly what we were seeing on the screen and the order number lookup field didn't exist. She didn't try to offer any other help but insisted she needed to transfer us to the GeekSquad so we could purchase a warranty. We tried MANY different ways to have Jennifer explain how we could get help getting our receipt and her stance was she couldn't help us and our only path forward was to get transfered to the GeekSquad and to purchase a warranty. She refused to let us speak to her supervisor and she admitted that she did not know what to do to help and refused to ask her supervisor what to do. Nor would she provide our contact information to her supervisor, transfer us to her supervisor's voice mail or allow us to hold for her supervisor. She transferred us (without our consent) to the GeekSquad and I explained the entire situation again to the employee who answered, they were very helpful and transferred me to another GeekSquad representative who handeled appliances. The person was so quick to understand our problem, walked us through how to access the receipt on-line (just needed to logout of our account to access the right order number lookup option) in a matter of a couple minutes. We got our question answered but felt we had to complain about Jennifer's lack of knowledge on how to help us and her refusal to ask for help when she admitted she didn't know what to do. What a poor way to represent BestBuy. I have seldom felt the need to make a formal complaint against an employee providing service but in BestBuy's best interest felt it should be documented. At the same time the last BestBuy employee who helped us was wonderful and very knowledgable, I wish I could remember her name.