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Best Buy Strongsville, OH Terrible Service

I had 15 dollars in rewards certificates in my account and wanted a Nintendo eshop card. So I ordered a 20 dollar one online for in store pickup at the Strongsville, OH Best Buy as it said it was available. I then received an email that the order was delayed until Friday, April 21. I have had multiple bad experiences with this location and them not fulfilling online orders before, so I stopped in. Sure enough, there were many reship cards in the Nintendo section. I took one to the counter and tried to explain. The lady at the in store pickup counter looked considerably irritated that I decided to bother her sitting. She told me it was different from the one ordered online. Not sure on this, it is a piece of cardboard with eshop credit, did I get the wrong picture? We can't switch it to the picture they have on this particular piece of cardboard? It was the same monetary amount for the same eshop. Then she told me to cancel the order and buy it again. Well, for one I was locked from canceling. Then she canceled it instead, and low and behold I could not use my reward certificates. She was extremely rude and told me I would now have to pay for all of it as my certificates wouldn't be available now. So I left without what I ordered despite the thing being right there in front of their faces. I have never been treated more rudely at a retail store, and I have had some bad experiences. Like I said before, I shouldn't be surprised, this store has left online orders at the processing step until I go in there and show the item to them from the shelf they were too lazy to stop by while no one is in the store. I guess if I decide to go to best buy again, I will drive to the next town over, I am not setting foot in this location again. I have bought laptops, tv's, games, systems, and many other things from here, but not again. It makes it very tempting for me to just order things online at another store and wait for them to ship rather than go somewhere and have to deal with people that obviously hate their job and just want me to go away.
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Re: Best Buy Strongsville, OH Terrible Service

Greetings aurumfulminans,


I want to start off my extending my sincerest apologies for the trouble you experienced with your recent purchase. What should have been a simple transaction became much more difficult and we unfortunately did not do our best to alleviate that. I’m truly sorry for that.


When My Best Buy certificates are used they unfortunately are put on hold similar to an authorization on a credit card which can take a few days to clear. Due to that, preforming an in store exchange from an online order becomes a bit more difficult. The customer service agent should have understand your concern and explained it to you in a respectful manner. Your interaction with our Blue Shirt is a clear indication that training and coaching opportunities are present. I want to assure you that I will forward your words to the leaders of the Strongville store so those behaviors can be addressed appropriately.


Thank you for taking the time to share your sub par experience with us as we genuinely value this type of feedback. We always want to continue to grow as a customer service orientated company and take your words sincerely. If there is anything else you’d like me to address or answer, please don’t hesitate to bring it to my attention!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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