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Best Buy Citi Card

I am looking for some information about the bext buy store credit card and best buy visa citi card.

I looked at the website and also spoke to citibank people but they asked me to check with bext buy.


As these cards are tied with CITI do they carry regault CITI card benefits like damage/theft protection, Extended warranty, Citirewind, trip cancellation protection, rental car insurance etc like any other regular card.


Also can the card be manged from website as well.




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Re: Best Buy Citi Card

Hi Abhishek,
The preliminary response would have to be that no, the Citibank Best Buy MyBestBuy Visa is not like the other Citi credit cards. While there may be an extended warranty and damage/theft protection, some card benefits that Citi offers on some of its cards are not on this card. CitiRewind is not for example. CitiRewind is not available on any reward based card issued by Citi. While you do manage the card on a Citibank website, the website is not
A moderator may be able to provide greater insight though, so let's wait for one to come along.

Before posting I try to research everything first or use my own experiences. I do not now nor have I ever worked for Best Buy. After a year and a half hiatus, I'm back working for the competition.
If you respond to a post of mine, I will read it. I may or may not post in the thread again, but rest assured I will read your response Smiley Happy
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Re: Best Buy Citi Card

Hey Abhishek,


You ask some great questions about the My Best Buy™ Credit Cards!


While the two cards we offer are issued and maintained by Citibank N.A. the benefits they carry are geared towards purchases with our brand. The in-store credit card offers great financing options with no-interest as well as the potential to earn bonus rewards. The VISA card is great if you plan to make purchases outside of Best Buy. You still get the same financing offers when you make a purchase in-store, but you also have potential to earn points for other purchases.


Our credit card does not carry all the same benefits as a regular Citi card and is intended to really benefit our customer. You can find all the benefits and current promotions we offer by visiting our Credit Card page.


Please let me know if you have any other questions!



Emily|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy Citi Card

Thanks a lot for the information.

Citi rewind is available for some of other cards like Costco citi card.

So that was the reason i was wondering it is also available with Best Buy citi card.

Looks like it is not.


Thanks for the help.

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Re: Best Buy Citi Card

thanks Emily...i was specifially looking for extended warranty and citirewind feature of Citicard to be available with best buy citi car as well. That would have helped me as i could have used this card to purchase at multiple other stores and online. But since it looks like this benefits are not there in best buy citi card, i would be using them only for purchases at Best Buy.