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Beats Headphones

Hello. I have been searching the BestBuy website for an option to email Customer Service and couldn't find one-this forum is the only way I found to contact besides making a phone that I can't make right now. So...

On December 17,2016 I bought my son a set of PowerBeats ear buds. Regular price was $199.99. I bought them for $129.99. I do still have my receipt for these. They have worked great up until today. They are malfunctioning and he cannot figure out why. They will not shut off/reset, and he cannot hear out of them anymore. They have not been damaged in any way. I realize these were purchased past the 60 day window, by 17 days today. Is there any way you can help me out with this?? I have spent a ton of money at your store, and have never had any sort of problem with anything I have purchased. I feel that this amount of money spent on earbuds (even on sale) warrants some help/assistance. My son really wanted these and has LOVED them, up until today. PLEASE HELP!


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Re: Beats Headphones

Did you purchase a GSP at the time of purchase? Otherwise you might need to reach out to Apple since I believe the own beats now.
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Re: Beats Headphones

There is no gsp for beats anymore @jxs2 and OP the return policy is 15 days not 60 also you have a one year manufacturer warranty I would suggest going to Best Buy have geek squad send it out for repair or go to apple see if they can help with the defective headphones.
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Re: Beats Headphones

Hi Robyn1018,


I've always secretly wanted a pair of Beats headphones but could never actually make the financial commitment to actually buying them!  I'm really sorry to hear that they've stopped working already.


@jxs2 and@Chris31876 both offer some great insight into this topic.  One thing I do want to clarify is that our Holiday Returns Promise stated that most purchases made between October 30–December 31, 2016, were returnable through January 15, 2017.  My Best Buy Elite and Elite Plus members were able to enjoy an extended return deadline of January 30 and February 14, respectively.  The only exception to this was mobile phones, which kept their standard 14-day return period.  Regrettably, after this timeframe expires, we cannot offer a return or exchange and we are unable to perform repairs or service without the purchase of Geek Squad Protection Plan on any product. 


At this point in time, you would need to contact Apple as they are the manufacturer and may be able to offer some options through their Manufacturer Warranty, like @jxs2 suggested.  I wish you the best of luck in getting this resolved.



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