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BBY Customer service is broken and horrific!!!!

Where do I begin?  In the last 3 months I have had nightmarish experiences with customer service.  Beginning with trying to buy a laptop from BBY and after speaking with a great salesman, I wanted to ask a couple of other questions and see if they could get it ready for me to pick up instead of me making 2 trips to BBY, one to buy and then one to pick up after Geek Squad got done.  Well, did you know that the local numbers listed on google or other spots, simply reroute you to the call center, and they can transfer you to the local store, which they tried 7 times!!!!!!!  No one picks up.  Someone even at the call center, used their personal cell phone, to call a manager on their cell phone to tell them to pick up and still nothing.  So, I still made the 2 trips to purchase the laptop.


Fast forward to Friday.  My iPad crashed and I needed a new one prior to my business trip to Chicago tomorrow morning.  BBY's website says it can deliver one by Tuesday April 18 (today).  I arrive home and find nothing.  After looking on the website, it says, BBY shipped it yesterday for delivery tomorrow.  And that was the highlight of this experience.  I then make 4 (yes 4!!!!!) calls to the call center, which has to be in a 3rd world country, because you can barely understand their english.  Each of the first 3 times, I explain what is happening and they say I must be transferred to the mobile department.  The first time, the line disconnects me after waiting 20 minutes.  The second time I hang up and call back after waiting 22 minutes.  The 3rd time I hang up and call back after 10 minutes and ask to speak to a supervisor.  I am put on hold for an additional 12 minutes!!!!  I have now been on hold with BBY for 64 minutes!!!!!!!!  Michael comes on the phone and I ask him on what planet does my experience make any sense and how on earth does a fortune 500 company like BBY take 12min to talk to a supervisor.  His answer...."Well, I am the only supervisor and I was in a meeting and needed to finish, but I always have time for customers, so what can I help you with?"  Really!!!  That's his answer.  After explaining all this to Michael (I apologized to him because he didn't create the problem, but he is catching my thunderstorm of frustration) he couldn't understand why they wanted to transfer me.  There really is nothing he can do, and he will credit my shipping costs.  I mean seriously.  I hope someone from BBY looks at my account and sees what I have spent with them over the years and even this year.  And if this how they treat their best customers, I feel sorry for those they don't care about.


Best Buy is going to lose and lose big in this world of retail if it continues down this road!!!!

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Re: BBY Customer service is broken and horrific!!!!

Hello whitwors – 

Welcome to our forums and thanks for posting. I’m disheartened after reading about your recent experiences with us. Clearly we dropped the ball with your past laptop purchase and recent order to replace your iPad, and I sincerely apologize for letting you down and not provided a better experience like we should have. 

That said I do thank you for taking the time to make an account and post here on our forums. We greatly value all customer feedback as we continually work to improve our business and customer services, and please know that I will be recording your comments here at our Corporate Offices. If you have any questions or additional concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us again. 

Best Wishes, 

Michael|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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