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Awful experience at store #836

I spent much of the morning and early afternoon dealing with a customer service nightmare at your store in Montgomery, Alabama. I bought an Nvidia Shield streaming player online for in-store pickup. I picked up the item without issue, but when I got home, I found that the box was not sealed and the streaming player, remote and power cable were not in the box. A gaming pad and another cable were all that was in the box.
I immediately called the store and explained the situation. They asked for my order # and then asked me to return to the store with what I picked up and the receipt. I did so a short time later. When I arrived, I was told that I could not exchange the item. I'm a very calm person, but you can imagine this got me worked up. I asked to speak to a manager. Keith (I believe that was his name) then came over to tell me the same thing the customer service people were telling me. They gave me the store general manager's business card and told me there was nothing they could do. 
I then asked for the corporate number. After bouncing around several times without getting to anyone who could address the situation, I gave up on that option and attempted to call the general manager. I got voicemail but could not leave a message because the voicemail was full. This made me understandably more irritated. At that point, I demanded satisfaction. A customer service person then arranged to have the GM call them. They explained the situation to him and then told me again there was nothing they could do. So, I left the store very angry, sent the GM a similar version of this note and to begin crafting posts I will post on various social media platforms to call out the absolutely horrible treatment I received.
Ask yourself this question -- if you were in my shoes, how would you feel? I'm a very measured person, but I will not stand for being treated this way and I demand satisfaction, including the product I paid for or a full refund and some consideration for the extra travel, aggravation and time spent dealing with this issue. Whatever problem store #836 has with inventory management should not be taken out on an honest, paying customer.
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Re: Awful experience at store #836

Good Afternoon GlenHale-


We appreciate all the time you have spent working with the Montgomery, Alabama, Best Buy, and also other entities affiliated.  It’s disappointing to see how much you have endured trying to get a resolution for the situation at hand, and we are grateful for the time you have spent registering and posting on the Best Buy forums!


Please know up front, I may be unable to change any outcome which has already been enforced, but I’m hoping to get a better understanding of the conversations you have had so far with both our phone agents and our store leaders.  I’ll be reaching out for the stores feedback on the situation as well, in the meantime, send me a private message containing your full name, customer service pin, and any case numbers provided to you. 


With this information and the reply back from the store I should have a good understanding of what has already played out this far.  I’m really looking forward to working with you soon, and don’t forget to send me the private message by clicking the blue button in my signature below!



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