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Thor: The Dark World Steel Book

All the stores in my area where sold out and I have about 6 stores if not more in my area.  The store that I went to said they only got 6 and were gone instantly.  I went on the best buy app to check if other stores had any in stock (all sold out) and see if it was being sold online (still available online).  However I figured I could wait till I got home.  Bad idea, as soon as I got home I got on my computer to order it and it was now sold out online also.  


My question is: Will best buy get more online or in stores or are they completely gone?  I won't support ebay/amazon scalpers, it's not that important.  Just hoping more will be available at some point, I saw the movie in the theater so it's not that urgent.

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Re: Thor: The Dark World Steel Book

Hi ndb3,


I wish I had better news for you, but it's my understanding we do not expect to receive any additional shipments of this particular version. With that in mind, the best advice I can provide would be to keep an eye on for updates and the latest information.

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