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Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

I need clarifications on the details of this version of the $5 trade in program as already in the first hour or two, confusion runs rampant.


What is Best Buy;s official answer:


Can you trade in any commercial produced non porn DVD?   People on other forums are already being told that can only trade in specific discs from a 'list.'



The ads are contradicting?  In more than one place it says trade in a DVD for a $5 credit on a Bluray priced $9.99+,  in another place it says you must choose from a list of 135+ titles and

gives a website that only has 61 selections and several are online only so non qualifying for the instore sale.  Almost all the discs even mentioned specifically in this Sunday's ad are missing

from the list.



When trading in the $5 off coupon for a disc priced in store $9.99, what should the final price be?   Many managers are picking the $5 off regular price language and insisting that regular price

is either MRSP or BB List price instead of the sales price of the disc.    This at least doesn't go with the current ad which had the coupon price taken off the sales price and not the standard Price.

Which is it really?

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

Looks like you can trade in any dvd, but only apply the credit towards a blu ray on the list. The dotcom list may not contain the exhaustive list as it is more an in store thing so I am sure the store has some sort of signage or info on which ones they are.

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

No help at the stores according to dozens of Internet posters and so far not much clarification from the 1-800 number.


Signage  in the stores are "Trade in DVD for $5 credit toward Purchase of any Bluray priced $9.99 or higher"  which also seems to be the wording on the coupon itself.   No mention of a list or website on the signs.   Some stores are apparently honoring the wording and some are flat out refusing to accept any $5 discounts since the coupons aren't scanning at the register.   As usual many people are reporting that discounts are being refused except off list price.


Some store manageres are apparently claiming the print ads of the specific discs Before/After coupon are "errors" and attempting to not allow the 20 or so prices that are specifically in the Sunday ad. 


Many managers aren't even aware of the promotion and nobody has a list except that  "partial" list on the website.



With all the bad publicity that Best Buy has received over Customer Service issues and the snafus over the holidays, this really needs to be clarified in detail in a hurry.

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

It's a total joke to say the least, thankfully I called before going out to my store. They are trying to say they will only allow the titles currently showing in the ad and those on the website. Which is a joke since the website is clearly not updated since it includes The Departed which states it is $7.99  If I did not already have it I would have loved to have them explain to me wjy I could go ahead and use a $5 off coupon on something that was not over $9.99  Yep, that's right the website is obviously not updated. And if you read page 11 of their ad it totally contradicts the last page of the ad. Can someone from Best Buy please respond what the deal is here. On page 11 it clearly states the following: "valid on ANY Blu-ray priced $9.99 and up. EXCLUDES Blu-ray music titles."  There should be no need to include that last part if indeed it is supposed to be only specific titles and not ANY, except of course music. Very frustrating to say the least. Please clear this matter up with the stores so that we do not have to waste our gas and time just to be denied a purchase because the employyes at the store don't seem to know what is or is not part of this sale.

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

There are some confusing at the store level.


At the store I went to, they said that I have to trade in a dvd from the list and use the coupon on any Blu-ray. I told them no that it is the otherway around - trade in any dvd & use the coupon on a Blu-ray on the list. 


A co-worker of mine told me earlier that at the store he went to some of the employes in that dept. were not aware of the promotion.

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

Went there and didn't want to take any chances so I picked 4 that were advertised and 1 from the website.  The coupons are working for no one, and basically have to be done via override.  I'm not going to bother trading in any more during this promotion unless things get fixed. 


I don't even think Best Buy had a clue on what they were doing when they brought this promotion back.  They phrased things in so many different ways it was way too confusing.  I mean is it "Any", "All", "Selected", "Markdown taken from Original Price" yet we advertise sale prices with additional $5 off, etc..  What the heck is the deal? 

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

Not too surprising since this has happened the first few days of each version of this sale.


Good news is that over the last hour I'm reading more of success stories without major intervention so at least parts of the Point of Service coupons may be working now.

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012



I appreciate you reaching out to us to share your concerns about the Upgrade & Save promotion and I apologize for any misinformation you may have received.  Please feel welcome to check out the additional information on our site here, as well as the term and conditions of the promotion here,


As is stated within the Terms and Conditions, you should be able to bring in your original DVD with the original case to Customer Service and receive a $5-off coupon valid on ANY Blu-ray movie priced $9.99 and up (valid 1/8/12 through 1/28/12).  Burned copies and adult content DVDs are not accepted.


I hope that this information helps; however, I know that this has not been ideal and I regret that this has been the representation of Best Buy you have seen.  It is my hope that we may be able to show you a better experience in the near future.  Please feel welcome to reach out to me with any additional questions or concerns by clicking on the “Private Message” link by my name below.

Thank you for you time!

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Re: Moderator Help. Upgrade and Save program 1/8 to 1/28/2012

Kelly, thank you for the reply though admittedly it's now 11 days into the sale and MANY people are still being given conflicting information by their local managers.  Why are we 2 weeks into this sale and

it's still being run like it's Dealers Choice.    There is a joke going around that BestBuy is changing its Wall St ticker abbreviation from BBY  to YMMV since that's more accurate


Literally some people are still being shown the list of 61 discs that was taken down as a mistake 10 days ago.  Many have literally been given  list by their store of 140 discs (from the October sale),

one person was given a list of titles and told they had to pick from only those titles (the May 2011 sale).


More than one person has been flatout denied use of the coupon on titles that were in the print ad with before and after coupon prices -- told that since the discs were on sale that the coupon was invalid

and it was a printing error.


A large number are still being denied use of the coupon on discs on sale in the store at 9.99 whose regular price was 14.99/19.99 even though the computer accepts the coupon, the manager is disallowing

the sale since the confusing "Discount taken from Original price."   Why would someone use a coupon to buy a discs for 14.99 when the price without coupon is 9.99.


Combining Manufacturer Coupon routine and Upgrade and Save coupons even though time and time again we have been told on this forum that MQ should always treated same as cash in all situations.   See this upcoming Sunday's ad for Real Steel Bluray combo -- 


"Real Steel:
•DVD - $17.99
•2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD) - $22.99
•3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (includes DVD and Digital Copy) - $27.99 ($22.99 after Real Steel coupon)

Use $5 off Real Steel 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack coupon to get it for $22.99! (Not valid with any other coupons or offers.)

Use $5 Upgrade & Save coupon (see below for more details) to get the 2-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack for $17.99.


There is a $5 MQ available on the Distributors website, but I bet the large majority of stores are going to deny the use of the MQ in addition to the U&S coupon because of the language in the

coupons.   Some insiders have already been told by their managers to absolutely not allow the MQ + U&S. -- is this teh correct answer.