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Does Best Buy Sell MOD DVDs?

I just recently bought Bob's Burgers seasons 2 & 3 on Amazon and they turned out to be MOD DVDs, I felt totally ripped off. I was wondering if Best Buy did the same thing because I was considering buying those seasons from the site and I don't want to get ripped off again.


If anyone can give me an answer I would really appreciate it.

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Re: Does Best Buy Sell MOD DVDs?

Hello SlayerLV,


Like you, I want to have the best possible information on the products I purchase. You ask a terrific question.


I contacted my corporate partners with your query and was informed that Best Buy does not participate in manufactured on demand (MOD) programs.


I hope this helps. Thank you for writing to us.



John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Does Best Buy Sell MOD DVDs?

From what I understand Sony and Warner Brothers are both going that direction.  

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Re: Does Best Buy Sell MOD DVDs?

Thanks so much. I'm glad that Best Buy can be trusted.