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C D Player

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I am looking for a portable CD player that will play 3 or more CD's (loaded in advance by me). Also, it needs to have a car charger so it can be used not only at home plugged into a wall outlet, but in the car for camping trips. Is there such a thing availabe at a reasonable price that has a decent sound?  Any info as to the manufacturer and how to order would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.




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Re: C D Player

Nothing I've ever seen.  The only multi-disc unit I know of is the Sharp 5-Disc Boombox with 2 speakers.  There's also two Sony multi-disc changers (5 and 300), but they are designed to hook up with separate sound systems. 

Personally, your best bet is to get some sort of MP3 player, a sound dock, and a power inverter so that you can have the dock power off of the car.


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