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3D + 4K -- The Industry Has Limited Our Options *(while DVD lives to see another day...)

Is anyone else upset that the industry killed 3D in the US, in favor of pushing 4K?  3D is still alive and well in EU, and I have been able to purchase quite a few 3D region free films from the UK.  It makes NO SENCE to kill 3D to push 4K, thinking that by giving consumers too many choices, 4K may not do well. 3D is in a category of its own and doesn't compete with any other media format.  Why the hell are they still supporting DVD, if they want to push Bluray, 4K and for a time, 3D?  Kill DVD supprot! Who's still watching them? Mema Moses and the Mosettes?  Smiley Mad


I understand sales of 3D TV's / films were not as high as they expected; however, the common Walmart Joe looking to buy a budget TV wasn't their target in the first place. High-end products, like Samsungs 8000 series TV's and 4K bluray players, should have ALL the features--4K HDR, 3D, etc.  Why are we limited and other countries are not??  If consumers are willing to spend the money for a flagship model product, then by God, give us all the current technologies. 


Why can't we have more 3D, 4K and Bluray combo sets?  I haven't bought any movies unless I find a complete set, because I would like the option of enjoying the film as it was presented in the theater.  *(And I will not a 4K set, then another 3D set individually--that's superflous!)
Star Wars, the Avengers, Wonder Woman, and many others, were all made for 3D.  But with Samsung pulling the plug on it, most people will never again be able to have that viewing experience.

Give us options and stop making the choices for us!  For crying out loud. 

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Re: 3D + 4K -- The Industry Has Limited Our Options *(while DVD lives to see another day...)

It is frustrating.  I never bought into 3D for simply this same reason.  Personally I was far from impressed with at home 3D TV options. I enjoy them immensely and it is a shame. 


Best Buy made a pretty sizable commitment to 3D.



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Re: 3D + 4K -- The Industry Has Limited Our Options *(while DVD lives to see another day...)

i didn't realize they had killed it at all. i don' t have a 3D tv or player anyways. everything it seems is almost 4K anymore. perhaps it is their way of keeping physical copies alive? 1st there was Beta that was somewhat of a hit that's true but VHS was a far bigger sell and won. than you had i forger what that thing that was called that was before Laserdisc. and Laserdisc was around for years but i only knew one person who owned one and that was my brother.


dvd was their way of keeping Laserdisc alive because while it's a smaller medium that's true it had the audio commentary's and extra's while VHS or Beta didn't. the same thing for blu-ray it was a step up from dvd with the better picture quality and sound.  maybe 3D never really caught on the way they thought it would?


but 4K i guess is the next hot thing and you know what? i'm okay with that as long as we still can buy the phyiscal release of what tv show we want that is on those or dvd format. to hazard another guess on why people love 4K over 3D.


there are of course people who love it like you for example than there are people who hate and than there are people who just can't watch it cause it bothers them i know many people like that. they don't hate it but they have trouble watfching it. and 4K is the step up from Blu-ray with better picture, sound among other things that blu-ray and dvd can't do.


sorry for the long post and the history lesson my point in saying was that 4K is the latest thing and in 10 years if physical releases are still here and i do hope they are. than  we will see something else on the market.