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Plain and simple, I am a gamer,a mother and a geek.


NES, Super NES, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, PC - I have owned practically every system out there, and even started my gaming career on my father’s an Apple Clone in the 80’s!  Can you say “Moon Patrol”???  My current passion though, is running a guild in the MMORPG “World of Warcraft”.  Between slaying monsters and laughing at my silly friends, it keeps me quite entertained.  When I am not playing WoW, I am running my household, complete with two beautiful girls, my husband, and an insane West Highland White Terrier puppy named Kaia!


What a crazy household it is though, with all the gadgets my family requires to live. My eldest daughter MUST have her iPad, camera and cell phone. My husband would DIE without a microwave, plasma television and his computer.  Even my dog is in on the techno-craze with her love/hate relationship with our Dyson vacuum!  Personally, the DVR is my favorite, because it helps me keep up to date on all the drama, glitz and laughter of my favorite shows and movies!


Oh,  and did I mention I work at Best Buy®? This is the perfect place to get my “Geek” on and help others learn about everything the techno world has to offer. From refrigerators to PS4 to routers!  Please join me on my journey! I am here to help!


Dorothy|Social Media Supervisor | Best Buy® Corporate
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