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Computers, video games and TVs have always been fascinating to me.  Not only are they wonderful ways to relax, but they’re also immensely useful as tools.  Computers allow us to communicate instantly with family members across the country through e-mail, video games allow us to make friends with people across the globe we wouldn’t even meet otherwise, and TVs allow us to see what’s happening in our very own towns…all at the touch of a button.


Sure, over time I’ve managed to assemble a collection of other electronic gadgets that would make most people do a double-take, but that just isn’t enough.  I want to know how they work.  I want to know why they work.  I want to know that I can connect every electronic device in my home into a single, fully-functional network that I can access from over 1,000 miles away at the drop of a hat.  Not because I have a reason to do so, but because I can.


I am a geek, plain and simple.


Aaron|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate