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xbox one s purchase queston -

I specifically want to buy the  xbox one s that is:


and etc... 


Yet the only 2tb one is the red one..  I want white & 2tb... but when I try to pull it up on best buy...its outofstock...

yet I can go to other nonbestbuys and get it...


Is it still possible to get what i want from bestbuy despite the above??

Reason is the tv & all other stuff Im wanting to get is all BESTBUY and Im wanting to do all this via warranty and etc...and have their folks do the install.


Igf I cant, BB will lose what will be two sets of $2500 (wanting to get two large smarttv and etc... so its a doozy.

I havent walked into a local BB to find if I can still do it.. 

sometimes a local store will do stuff that online wont.


I know thatbecuse I tried to get a deal online on my cellphone plan change...and they wouldnt do it.. yet local store had no problem with it and even gave me additional discounts.

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Re: xbox one s purchase queston -

2 TB in white is out of stock  This is the Crhistmas holiday shopping season.  You don' t have to buy everythign all at one time.  Buy what you want now and wait until the 2 TB system comes back in stock.


It is also out of stock on Microsofts web site.

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Re: xbox one s purchase queston -

Thanks for the info.. and while i agree.. the nonbestbuys have plenty of inventory...  of this exact choice..
I wont be buying all the bundle I want yet .. not till my current 52" plasma dies for the 2nd time.. (first time was fixed).

Fact  is when im ready, if best buy doesnt have the package I will go elsewhere.  

Fact is if I buy anything right now.. its xbox that I want first...   nothing else will be obtained first.. unless i get it elsewhere.

BUt I want all of it under same warranty and btw will be getting a 5yr warranty per the store... if I go to competitor.. ive had one give me a even better deal on parts of the bundle.

What I had hoped to see on bestbuy site wsa some way of getting a notification of 'its available'..

What I got was from bb sales was notifiation from them on a developer list..  same thing somewhat..

Reality is I will likely still buy the xbox scorpio when its available.. will then sell my xbox 360